Most detailed 3D map of universe released

The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument accurately captures the position of galaxies and time to help scientists understand the forces of darkness.

A detailed 3D map of the universe to date, showing the location of 7.5 million galaxies, has been published by the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) cosmic survey.

The map, released Thursday by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which is leading the project, is the result of the first seven months of DESI operations.

Each of these dots represents the galaxy of the 100 billion and one trillion stars. The map shows views from the Earth for five billion years shining directly on the constellation Virgo, moving slowly to the constellation Bootes.

“There is a great beauty to it,” said Julien Guy, an astronomer at the Berkeley lab. “In the distribution of galaxies on 3D maps, there are large clusters, stripes, and voids. They are the largest building in the universe. But within it they find the most original representation of the universe, with the history of its development ever since. ”

It is just the beginning of DESI’s work, as the project seeks to add more than one million new galaxies each month. Completed by 2026, the map is expected to contain more than 35 million galaxies, providing astronomers with a wealth of lessons to learn.

DESI is a well-known modern device connected to the Nicholas U. Mayall Telescope’s 4-meter Kitt Peak in Arizona. Made of 5,000 optical fibers, enclosed within 10 microns, it emits a reflection of light coming from the earth’s atmosphere, covering more than one third of the universe.

The light looks at ripples in the distribution of baryon acoustic oscillations, which were burned to be distributed in the first few centuries after the Big Bang.

By measuring the distance between earthquakes at various points in astronomical history, astronomers could determine whether the pace of the universe was continuous or changed over time.

This knowledge will be useful in understanding the mysterious dark forces, which are believed to make up 70% of the universe, and are responsible for its magnitude.

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