More Than 1 Million ETH Have Been Destroyed Thanks to EIP-1599 Burning Mechanics

Main requirements:

  • On November 24, Ethereum networks were the most profitable – 1 million ETH burned, more than $ 400 billion.
  • ETH burning was sparked by the introduction of a solid London fork, which brought the burning machine along with EIP-1599.
  • Although the decline in power is particularly noticeable due to NFT and DeFi, Ethereum is still a valuable asset.

On Wednesday, the crypto market aggregation and analytics platform CryptoRank unveiled one million Ehtereum (Price of ETH) symbols are burned since the establishment of the London hard fork early August caused deflationary depression in association with EIP-1599. At current market prices, the value of ETH permanently deducted from transactions is $ 4.46 billion.

What is Ethereum on fire and how does it work in ETH tokenomics?

The London hard fork was an upgrade to the much-anticipated Etheruem network that set up the second largest cryptocurrency converter to price proof (PoS) a performance agreement with the implementation of Ethereum 2.0 sometime next year.

The August upgrade launched five Ethereum platforms (EIPs). The EIP dated ‘1599’, was undoubtedly the highlight of the new protocol upgrade.

EIP-1599 reversed the Etheruem platform consumer spending policy and, in particular, changed the way sales revenue was spent – the money previously paid to miners was now deducted and destroyed, a process called ‘burning’.

Significance of ETH signals sponsored by funds managed by smart contractors (DeFi) services and tokens that cannot be destroyed (NFTs) A sharp rise in slowdown pushes the ETH value to a new level.

In the three months since EIP-1599 was launched, the results have been overwhelming. The value of ETH began to decline after a solid fork overturned and gained more than 100% and reached new always high on November 10. It is important to note that about a month before the solid fork, CEO of ConsenSys. Joseph Lubin predicted “high demand for Ether value.”

Non-fungible signals (NFTs) and intermediate exchanges (DEXs) are a major component of burned ETH.

According to data stored by CryptoRank, the OpenSea NFT market has been a major contributor to Ethereum’s burnout. Overall, more than 110,000 ETH worth of $ 467 million was wasted as a result of the money laundering program on the main NFT market.

Costs spent on special exchanges, such as Uniswap (V2 and V3) and SushiSwap resulted in approximately 45,600 ETH burning. ETH transfers, such as peer-to-peer (P2P) and various stablecoins transactions, about 97,000 ETH, worth $ 414 million, are burned.

At the end of last month, exactly on October 27, the total the number of circulating ETH tokens dropped for the first time in the six-year history of the network. Although Ehtereum has been experiencing some of the cheapest days since London’s fork began, it is a necessity. Thus, Ethereum remains an inflation asset – according to data from the source Ultra Sound Money, ETH supply is growing at about 1.2% per year.

David is a crypto lover and an economist. He has produced many publications on various platforms. He loves to explore new things, and that’s how he discovered blockchain in the first place.


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