Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod Comes to Legendary Edition

The Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod is now available A well-known copy of Mass Effect, finally giving the players another way to finish the most fun singing.

A well-known copy of Mass Effect finally was established last year. Since then, fans have been thrilled to return to the galaxy and experience the excitement of Command Shepard and his team. Modders have been enjoying, too, with the release of mods provide image editing and reclaim what was lost. Now, a new modern has arrived that changes the ending to make it a little sweeter.

Spoiler warning: this mod changes the end of the game, naturally, and talks about how the game ends. If you have not won this game and you want to be free from spoilers, it is best to stop reading here.

How Mass Effect Fun End Mod Changes Game

As Eurogamer reports, and Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod is now available for Nexus PC players. It makes for a small change in the game and gives you the best way to finish.

Here are some ways in which Audemus’ Happy Ending Mod (AHEM) changes the end of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. (Again, forward breakers!)

  • The Crucible now focuses on Reaper technology instead of the Reaper program. This means that the Harvesters have been destroyed, but EDI and Geth have survived.
  • The Star Child is no more. As a result, General Shephard survived.
  • Citadel and Mass Relays are no longer destroyed.
  • Several cinematics and systems (such as The Crucible docking scene) have been adapted to fit the ending or to make it more fun.

Audemus’ Happy Ending Mod was also built to work with Citadel Epilogue Mod in mind; this means you can use both mods if you want.

You can download ndi Mass Effect Fun Final Mode on Nexus Mods right now. If you do not own this game, you can to buy A well-known copy of Mass Effect on PCs and consoles $ 59.99 or similar to your area through its official page.

What you think Mass Effect is is it over Do you think manufacturers could have done better for the first time? Tell us in the comments below!

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