Logan Paul Scammed On 3.5 Million Dollar Pokémon Purchase

YouTuber Logan Paul recently posted a video of him unlocking his fake Pokémon Cards. In the world of NFTs and affirmations, events like this replicate the technological advantages of the blockchain.


  • Logan Paul Amagula 3.5 Million Dollar Pokémon Box
  • Advantages of Confirmation on Blockchain

Logan Paul Amagula 3.5 Million Dollar Pokémon Box

YouTuber Logan Paul (so as not to be disturbed by his brother Jake Paul ) writes headings after buying 3.5 million Pokemon cards recently was exposed as fraud. In a YouTube video released yesterday, Paul allowed everyone to see the whole process of intestinal decomposition.

After breaking the cartons, he asked for the truth immediately and was right. They were fake when they came and one box contained no Pokémon cards, but old GI Joe cards for sale.

Logan is not uncommon for collecting old Pokémon cards. Back in June last year, he spent millions on unlocked (viewing) boxes and ran him “breaking” every pack on Youtube. If that wasn’t enough, he upgraded his Pokémon game buy a $ 150,000 Charizard card for PSA 10. He then proudly turned the chain and put it on his Mayweather fight at the end of the same month.

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The Value of Confirmation On Blockchain

So how does this relate to NFTs and crypto? First of all, the Pokémon vintage card is similar to NFT, except that it is actually a physical NFT. They represent the real market for each type of collection and their needs. Who can think back when people are playing with Pokémon cards, unlocked pockets can earn millions of dollars one day?

What stands out is the added benefits of blockchain and the ability to validate. NFTs are symbols that represent the unique ownership of special objects. They can be owned by one owner at a time and are protected on the blockchain. Most importantly, the NFT ownership profile cannot be changed or altered.

As was the case with Logan, he believed in a well-known company that did this professionally and even “fooled”.

The smartest collectors in any industry can be robbed, but with NFTs and blockchain you can verify your purchases on a regular basis. Obviously there are a lot of lies, but this is easily seen if you look in the right place.

If you look at the past of the NFTs, you can see all that has happened and what the wallets have done. This is where you can be sure not just to rely on, which is a huge advantage for NFTs and their visibility.

We know that Paul is a hypocrite and a hypocrite and he likes it on TV, but this seems to be deceptive, sad. Watch his video below and tell us what you think.

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