Locked out of your own WordPress site?

After being warned about the many attempts that failed to get hackers to hack into my WordPress site, I thought it was time to limit the amount of attempts that might come from a specific IP address. I used an aa plug that allowed me to set up a second authentication and try a little bit to increase security. So when I try to log on to my page to create a new post, it sends me 6 numbers to log in to log in.

One day for unknown reasons, they would not accept the code I had just been sent. After a few attempts I was locked out of my page for 15 minutes. I tried again and again and the codes stopped coming.

Out of anger I decided to search the Internet for answers. I found a helpful video on YouTube Ann Phan. It was a bit confusing, instead of filming, the producer tried to record the video from a camera or phone that pointed at his laptop computer under ideal conditions. However, I was able to understand what he was saying, try what he encouraged me and it worked!

Thanks Ann!

I could not believe that the answer was simple – but effective. Basically all one has to do is:

1) Log in to your cPanel – if this is what you use, find a file manager

2) Navigate to your Public.html folder, then to your WordPress folder and then the plugins folder. Find the founder of the plugin and remove and refresh your page. If possible, you can restore it, or reinstall it or reinstall it.

Some research led me to do so WPDeveloper.Net, where I learned that if you are blocked by the Limit Login Attempt plugin and set up your login directly using MySQL queries. After that you need to set a password to protect your site.

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