Liquor Nerd: Sons of Vancouver kickstarts the Christmas season with its first-ever Whisky Advent Calendar

The Vancouver Distillery Children’s Calendar The first coming of the whiteness was inspired by one of the great traditions of Christmas, but look carefully at the box containing 24 small bottles and you will not find any Easter eggs.

Remember how, earlier this year, SOV junior mixes James Lester and Richard Kraus won for the first time in the world of whiskey with their award-winning Cigarettes on the Leather Jacket? Don’t waste one of the wonders found in a lovely, hand-crafted box, but look to the left of the group and you will see a cool motorcycle in a black motorcycle jacket spewing smoke.

“There are a lot of inner jokes in the box,” Lester admits in an interview with Straight. “In 2020 and 2021 we were making hand sanitizers along with all the other equipment, then there is a picture of our bartender sitting on a pile of sanitizer burning marshmallows on fire.”

Easter eggs there? One could be that the Vancouver Children’s alcohol release will be called the Marshmallows Over of Campfire. What’s more is that the distillery bartender dressed as a favorite, casual, luaus on Kauai beach, Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii, and everything Don Ho wrote.

“He always wears a Hawaiian shirt, which is his whole experience,” Lester says with a laugh. “There’s a ghost of Elvis in one of the windows, and the storage boxes are visible again – they’ve become so popular in this shop. We really wanted to make invitations to as many items as we could.”

And then of course there are yellows. The Vancouver children were immediately embraced after opening in 2015 for their famous and award-winning Amaretto, with Tiki Nation taking over Coconut Liqueur and Blue Curaçao. Earlier this year Cigarettes on the Leather Jacket immediately launched the distillery as a major threat — although they were new to the whiskey game, SOV took gold in the Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition and released.

Aside from being a fun way to jump into the Christmas season, Lester says the Whiskey Advent Calendar makes Sons of Vancouver now have a few whiskeys on the go, but often in small groups.

“We wanted to include something that people could hear about the different types of items we have, but that didn’t include burning all the whiskey we have, which could mean a year of non-production,” Lester said. he says. “For us, this was a way to help set up a brewery like whiskey makers, and to improve our quantity.”

And the idea of ​​putting the Vancouver Children in a spiritual sense was as important as enjoying the 12 whiskeys mixed with the 12 whiskey brews that make the package. Under the Whiskey Advent Calendar you will find a quick note that sounds like a shout out to the ever-growing companies: “In this group you will find amazing, exciting and very interesting dramas but also some experimental items full of smoke and fragrance. We hope there is a wonderful opportunity at Canadian Whiskey, right now, to make spicy ingredients that don’t look too bad in the company. If you like what you are trying to do in the next 24 days, we encourage you to sell and try out other small distillers.In our opinion some of the best Canadian Whiskey are produced by small producers and are largely ignored right now. “

Revealing the content of the early days of the Children of the Vancouver Whiskey Advent Calendar could ruin the magic of the first Christmas gift. Think about it — no one should start looking out the windows, or looking at what will be under the tree in mid-November.

Laughing, Lester will admit that not every attempt was made when the SOV was in the creative phase with various whiskeys and alcohol.

“I can honestly say that one of the things I enjoyed most was the pineapple cake,” she recalls. “I had this idea of ​​making a tick-based whiskey – something similar to what you would find in a rum style. The inverted pineapple cake didn’t make it expensive. It wasn’t even close. But I have a very good idea I think we can start again next year.”

For whiskeys and whiskey that looked the best, beer elves were busy for weeks at the distillery. Designed and manufactured by the Great Little Box Company in Richmond, each box – illustrated by Sam Parker of Parker Design – was collected by the Sons of Vancouver team, and then filled, in sequence, with bottles that had to be hand-stitched – filled.

“Frankly, it was a huge undertaking,” says Lester, “besides the opening of the museum, which we did. “Starting with that design — we had to make a box for bottles to stand on. All of our products at Sons of Vancouver are minimal and are extremely well-received. When you were a kid and finding Nestle chocolate in the upcoming calendar, getting them out every day was something you enjoyed.

“Globally, there are only a handful of 24-day calendars coming for whiskey,” he continues. “We wanted to do something that would blow people’s heads off. Something they could see, hold in their hands, and go ‘This seems to be important.’ We wanted something that people could have. ”

The Vancouver kids have sold their Whiskey Advent Calendar at the distillery, but you can still find them in BC drinks and order a bit. But stop popping the first window – not because you can ruin the surprise: from December 1, Vancouver Kids will take to his Instagram page to talk about whiskey every day until Christmas.

“We do every release, every day,” says Lester. “We’ll do this at 8pm every day, hoping it’ll give everyone a chance to break the bottle before we spoil the surprise. We’ll make tasting notes and ideas as appropriate. I don’t want to ruin anything, but few make the best cocktails and everything you sleep in the house.”

So keep the Whiskey Advent Calendar handy, save the Elf, Christmas Story, or Black Christmas, and cut out candy, mandarin oranges, and rum balls. As far as the Easter eggs are concerned, the Vancouver Kids are just making the best time of the year to be the most amazing.


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