Liquid Craft’s Liquor Backed NFT Series Dragons and Bourbon Has Been Released

Liquid Craft – a project to innovate in the sale of alcoholic beverages has just released their many NFTs, called NFTs. Dragons and Bourbon. The list has gone public and is available in two different categories on Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain. Buyers of both groups are eligible to receive a full breath of the $ CRAFT Liquid Craft logo, which is expected to land at the end of December.

The release is the first phase of the project’s plans to launch a full-fledged NFT market for global artists to offer. fluid technology and NFTs. This allows for aspiring retailers and collectors to purchase alcoholic beverages worldwide. The market is expected to be between the end of Q1 and the beginning of Q2 2022.

For buyers who want to purchase their Dragons and Bourbon NFT, the minting page is available Here:

Liquid Crafts Initial NFT Series – Dragons and Bourbon

The first sub-series of the project, Dragons and Bourbon is an NFT-assisted alcohol-based NFT-produced distillery from Windsor Colorado – Heart Distillery. Each NFT is supported by its own handmade bourbon bottle, made from local ingredients and locally available, specially designed for release.

The first mint is found with a sturdy hat of all 1500 NFTs, divided into two distinct parts, with a slight difference between each.

Part One Ethereum the method consists of 750 NFTs available, each supported by a 123 bottle – proof, cask strength, straight bourbon, which is housed in a beautiful round bottle, at a cost of 0.22 ETH each.

Part Two Binance Smart Chain the method consists of 750 NFTs available, each supplemented by a 100-bottle bottle – proof, straight bourbon, in a carefully crafted square-shaped bottle, at a cost of 0.75 BNB each.

$ CRAFT Token Airdrops for Buyers of the First DNB Release

For both consumers NFT tiers, will be eligible to receive Liquid Crafts native airdrops token $ CRAFT. The sign has successfully completed its first round, and is expected to be released by the end of December. Fees to be released will vary depending on the NFT segment purchased, with 4500 $ CRAFT Ethereum segment, and up to 1500 $ CRAFT Binance Smart Chain tier tokens.

As this is the first release of the project, it also offers special benefits to the Dragons and Bourbon subscribers list which includes access to special events, discounts, promotions, participation in future promotions, and offers.

Mixing Alcohol with Blockchain

The market for alcoholic beverages has remained the same in recent years, and due to the nature of the material collection, some barriers to entry have had a number of alternatives. Mediators, operators, storage, and real estate have kept many investors looking for easy, and flexible financial options, even amazing appreciation alcoholic beverages have seen for years.

Through the technological advances that have been made in recent years, which are through blockchain technology, many of the past barriers can be greatly reduced, or eliminated altogether. NFTs are easily traded, marketed, sold, and assembled, require little or no inventory, and are all documented in a digital book within a strategic partnership. When combined with tangible objects such as a beverage, NFT can change hands countless times, with the price and ownership of the original object being transferred along with it.

Upcoming NFT Market Supported by NFT

This is where the Liquid Craft Market brings the world of stone culture and blockchain. In the market model, the physical bottle can be secured by the seller while the NFT can be distributed among investors. The latest owner of NFT may choose to exchange digital artwork at any time and modify the content in a so-called way. harvest.

No matter how many times the NFT has changed hands, the owner is confident that the bottle they receive is genuine and has not been tampered with or replaced. In the current NFT market, there are thousands of projects being launched without real use around the world; Liquid Craft market offers real-time experience and real-world solutions to the realities of the world.

Currently there is a need for breweries, wineries, and distilleries around the world to reach newer and older people. Many of them have been he ceased to exist from low profile in international tourism, something that was once a source of support for their businesses. The market offers the opportunity to grow their customers and work in the blockchain world, providing new opportunities to earn money and grace to save on time.

Liquid Crafts Outlook and Vision

The project has major goals for their market, branding, and future releases, with the goal of becoming a lasting solution to the global economy. They have a long-term business plan and are registered to lead crypto advertising agency Coinpresso lead their efforts. Coinpresso will provide ongoing support for the project and will support SEO, marketing, social media management, and development.

The project has established the first of its kind releases for NFT-assisted alcohol, the introduction of new tokens, and a full-fledged market targeted for manufacturers and depositors, from around the world. The offerings they have are new and unlike most NFT releases right now, they have a user interface that provides the necessary solutions to real-world problems.

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