LG CX Vs C1 OLED TV | Which OLED TV Should You Buy?

LG is the most important brand when it comes to OLED technology. Some companies, such as Sony and Vizio, sell OLED TVs, but LG is a clear leader in OLED, and the much-anticipated 4K OLED TVs are all from the same manufacturer.

The LG CX is the best TV in 2020, but in 2021, it has a new successor, the LG C1. As a result, we compare two OLED TVs and see what is best for you.

The LG CX and C1 look very similar with the big differences being the 83-inch wide variant on the C1 series, the latest version of WebOS, as well as the integration of the new ‘Game Optimizer’ settings. But is this upgrade enough to handle the LG CX OLED TV? To help you answer this question, we have included detailed comparisons of the LG CX and C1 TV based on its design, built-in interface, display interface, systems, game support, and its interface.

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Without wasting time, let’s get into it.

LG C1 Vs CX: Comparison Chart

Prices See Price See Price
Misunderstandings 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160) 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160)
Screen Growth OLED48CXPUB (48 ″)
OLED55CXPUA (55 ″)
OLED65CXPUA (65 ″)
OLED77CXPUA (77 ″)
OLED48C1PUB (48 ″)
OLED55C1PUB (55 ″)
OLED65C1PUB (65 ″)
OLED77C1PUB (″ 77)
OLED83C1PUA (section 83)
Backlight No. No.
Refresh Price 120Hz 120Hz
HDR images Dolby Vision
HLG images
Wide Color Gamut
Dolby Vision
HLG images
Wide Color Gamut
Wide Viewing angle Yes Yes
Wireless connection Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

LG CX Vs C1: Price

The LG CX and LG C1 were released along with the most expensive “Gallery” OLED TVs, making them the second most expensive LG OLED TVs of their generation. Here is how these two lists compare size and starting prices:


  • 48-inch (LG OLED48CXPUB) – $ 1,499
  • 55-inch (LG OLED55CXPUA) – $ 1,799
  • 65-inch (LG OLED65CXPUA) – $ 2,799
  • 77-inch (LG OLED77CXPUA) – $ 4,999

LG C1:

  • 48-inch (LG OLED48C1PUB) – $ 1,499.99
  • 55-inch (LG OLED55C1PUB) – $ 1,799.99
  • 65-inch (LG OLED65C1PUB) – $ 2,499.99
  • 77-inch (LG OLED77C1PUB) – $ 3,799.99
  • 83-inch (LG OLED83C1PUA) – $ 5,999.99

LG CX Vs C1: Best Design

Depending on its design, it is a drawing

Credit: Tomsguide

The LG CX and LG C1 are very different from each other, but only slightly different. Unfortunately, its design is very high, so no matter what, you will receive a good-looking TV.

Both screens have the thinnest panels that OLEDs are known for, with a slightly lower chassis from the center of the band doubting those inside the TV. Both TVs have two tons of gray on the back: the back of the actual display is a smooth metal, while the back of the chassis is thick plastic made to look like polished metal.

You may be aware that the TV you are given has a white band and a chassis instead of the two gray colors found in the United States. Whether you choose CX or C1, you will find black and gray TV if you live in North America.

Both the LG C1 and LG CX have a trapezoidal design that extends down to the front of the TV.

Both TVs use the same symbol: a trapezoidal slab with low barriers buried behind the band. The tilt position is designed to display audio to the audience, but it is not an easy-to-use interface for soundbar users, who have to position their device in front of their OLED.

Finally, both the CX and C1 come with LG’s Magic Remote in different colors (named after its movement, scroll-and-click). The CX model has a ball-shaped shape, which makes it more flexible on the surface, but otherwise, the drawers are almost identical.

Overall, there is no significant difference between the design of CX and C1. All these TVs are very high quality, with very thin bezels on their very thin surface and smooth surface.

LG CX VS C1: Items

The LG C1 comes with more features than the LG CX

LG C1 OLED webOS smart platform
Debt: Illuminated

There are two major differences between the CX and C1 in terms of add-ons and programs that you should consider. The first concerns LG’s webOS smart platform. Because it is a new TV, the C1 comes with the latest version of WebOS, which looks a little different from the previous versions.

Older webOS versions, such as those found on the CX, have a user interface that sits at the bottom of the screen. This gives you the opportunity to move from app to app without losing what you are doing. Because the most recent version of webOS on C1 uses the home screen as its starting point, most software programs take place when the software interface takes up 100% of the window. LG says the redesign of the webOS was fueled by the desire to put the front and center viewers in place.

Overall, the latest version of WebOS is faster, easier to use, and has a wide range of programs to choose from. Unless you already know – and enjoy – the first webOS experience, we think the most recent version of the smart platform is the best.

LG’s Game Optimizer, a software application that integrates game-related changes into a single, easy-to-find drawer, is available on C1 only.

Game is the second largest difference in terms of form. Both OLEDs have FreeSync, G-Sync, Auto Low Latency Mode, and four HDMI 2.1 ports that can support 4K games at 120 frames per second, but the C1 only has LG’s Game Optimizer, a software program that optimizes game-related changes in . single cabinet, easy to access. Several variants of various colors, standard black and white, and options for adjusting slides and inserts can all be found in the Game Optimizer menu.

Both the CX and C1 are the best TVs on the Xbox One S and PlayStation 5 games, and they all have some very good platforms, but the C1 has a few advantages in this category.

Figure Quality and Performance

The LG C1 performs better than the CX but not much more

vx2romcFrGBUovnALyaqT 970 80.jpeg
Credit: LG

You may be wondering if the LG C1 is better than the LG CX in terms of performance. The answer is yes, but with a limited amount. Unless you drop two TVs on one side, you won’t see any difference.

The C1 has a slight edge over the CX in terms of light, but is only visible when looking at HDR objects. On the C1, the bright ones (such as the car’s headlights or flying sparkles) look strong. C1 also does a better job of visualizing the dynamics of images, though you need a well-trained eye to see the difference.

Unsurprisingly, regardless of the content, both OLEDs produce rich, accurate colors; each satisfies 100% SDR color (Rec.709) and around 97% HDR color gamut (DCI-P3). With 120Hz refresh speeds and motion controllers that, when used sparingly, facilitate movement and small objects, the TVs are also neck-to-head when it comes to movement.

When it comes to the viewing angles of the two TVs, the LG CX has a clean design, color change, and light loss at 48 °, 32 °, 62 ° respectively. The LG C1 has color coding, color change, and light loss at 57 °, 30 °, and 69 ° respectively. Overall, the LG C1 has the upper hand based on viewing angles.

The LG C1 is the best-performing TV in several categories, but for most people, the differences are not worth noting.

LG C1 OLED Vs. LG CX OLED: Voice Comparison

The LG C1 OLED voice switch comes from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 9 Gen 4 CPU. Both sets include low-speaker speakers and two woofers, with 40 watts. However, the LG C1, it claims to use AI to provide clear audio by better understanding the type of music being played.

LG C1 Vs LG CX OLED: Intelligent display and interface

LG uses its interface with Magic Remote, which was updated this year with the possibility of NFC with several dedicated buttons, instead of using a third-party TV platform like Roku TV or Android TV.

The LG webOS has become a smart TV platform that gives you access to your favorite services, whether you want to watch Disney Plus with kids, watch Thursday Night Football on Prime Video, or disconnect cable with Sling TV. There are also many music channels available on the OS.

All LG OLED TVs have Alexa and Google Assistant for voice inquiries, whether they are for TV or smart home control. You can’t go wrong with any of these TV shows if you have a smart home.

The LG C1 OLED, on the other hand, has a new version of WebOS (webOS 6.0) with a hub-like mechanism that incorporates CX starting tires into the bottom line. I was looking at pictures of webOS 5.0 and webOS 6.0 to see if there were any obvious preferences on a single installation.

LG CX Vs C1: Decision

Buy the LG CX if a small upgrade is not necessary for you.

2zjY4ZyBSAMz6zg6XMEfZT 970 80.jpg
Credit: Tomsguide

The LG C1 OLED is superior to the LG CX OLED, and the two TVs are similar. The main difference is that the C1 has a larger 83-inch display, runs the most recent version of WebOS, and has new ‘Game Optimizer’ settings, as an add-on that reduces the input range by a few milliseconds.

Compared to the CX, the C1 has an external box color accuracy and less light, although this may be due to cluster differences.

If you already have an LG CX TV, you should not upgrade to C1 as they are very similar. Everywhere, if there are no small extras that are important to you, CX can be invaluable.

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