Let’s face it. Stalking Taimur Ali Khan is unethical journalism. YOU are a part of it too.

Today Saif Ali Khan has said what he did not say.

Today – after a very long time – we heard her pleading with the photographers to stop clicking on her son, Taimur Ali Khan.

“Please do not bother Taimur. He is not a star. He is just a child,” Saif Ali Khan said.

When talking to MiD-Day, he asserted that contrary to popular opinion, this was not the case upsetting the powerful Bollywood journalists in Mumbai which prevented him from speaking in the past.

Saif said the real reason he did not oppose the pope’s insult was that he did not want to rob anyone of his property. She just feels sorry for the artists who earn their money by clicking on her baby.

Last week, Mumbai police arrivedat his house to remove the chest on the front porch of a house in Khar West to remove the artists who made the place look like a ‘pope’ to adina Taimur.

After this incident, some journalists thought it was Saif Ali Khan who complained to the police.

According to Saif, he was a worried neighbor who was disturbed by Taimur Ali Khan’s negligence. Seif made it clear that he was also helping his neighbor.

“Yes, the police removed the paparazzi because someone complained. Not me. I can’t say I feel good about their presence, because the 10 people waiting outside your house are waiting for your child to be disturbed, to say the least. I did not worry because I did not want to take his job,” he said.

The word comes in the wake of Saif Ali Khan’s recent explosion in front of the paparazzi as he was often seen in front of Taimur on his way to board a plane at Mumbai International Airport.

Bas karo yaar, bachcha andha ho jaayega (Stop, the baby is blind), ”Saif told the cameramen gathered at the airport and everyone, including the photographers, laughed.

If you think that if Saif Ali Khan is the only one in Khaan-daan who has realized how the light of TV destroys Taimur’s childhood, let me let you know that the entire Khan family has appealed with twisted hands to the press to stop. following Taimur.

The question now arises: Why have photographers ignored these complaints? Why do artists just wander around and chase Taimur Ali Khan around for pictures and videos?

The answer is: The real culprit lies in Entertainment Editors in the media that perpetuates this confusion through employers in the name of journalism.

He knows that Taimur Ali Khan’s images mean easy page viewing due to the “Aww” factor. They know very well that if you put one picture of Taimur and put it back with the title of ‘aww-dorable’ it will find their pages quickly.

The creators of Entertainment know that the Taimur content is short on the known.

Because they and their audience love to see the “beautiful pictures” of Taimur Ali Khan, some media outlets have released the entire universe from Taimur Ali Khan and his creations.

Ask the organizers of this fun and good practice and they will change what they want to say that they are just serving their audience.

Things have gotten to the point where even relatives’ petitions fall into deaf ears because Taimur-related information often appears on top of Google Analytics.

Destroying the media, the editors are also paying for the Taimur portraits provided by Paps.

Now tell me, who is it that you are to accuse? The paparazzi who are selling the pictures for a few hundred dollars or the entertainers who are sending these artists and ordering them to bring more pictures and videos of Taimur?

Mumbai police intervened, neighbors complained, relatives complained, doctors and psychologists have explained how watching movies seriously damage Taimur’s childhood.

Bbut no one seems to be listening and the eco-system continues to release more Taimur information.

Why is that so?

It is because everyone knows that the poor artists will be accused of chasing Taimur and evading him. No one can criticize entertainment developers – the real people who support and support this illegal practice are in the name of journalism.

Most of these fun designers have anonymous faces but from time to time I see them restarting the internet to help you distinguish between right and wrong.

The question is: Can they really know right from wrong?

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