Learn To Awaken Your Inner Healer Through The Power Of Love With Matt Kahn’s Book And Documentary

Matt Kahn is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, author, and YouTube sensation. His teachings have transformed the lives of millions of people, including my own.

Everytime I experience synchronicity in life, I’ve come to acknowledge that it is the universe showing me a sign, and letting me know that I’m exactly where I need to be. And yesterday, after feeling particularly down for a couple of weeks, I came across one of Matt Kahn‘s YouTube videos.

For those of you who do not know him, Kahn is an intuitive healer, YouTube sensation, and author, who is helping people learn to heal through love. He is responsible for facilitating life-changing transformations for individuals all over the world.

I stumbled upon Kahn’s YouTube channel at a time when I needed it most. For the last while I have been thinking a lot about my past trauma, dwelling on situations that are no longer in my control, and ruminating over everything I could have done differently.

A feeling of uncertainty has come over me, and after sitting with this feeling for a while, I realized that I have not come to terms with my past trauma, or overcome any of my pain. Instead, I buried it deeper inside me and pretended that everything was okay.

In the video, “Awakening Your Inner Healer, ”What Kahn says really speaks to me. He teaches that healing is the process of transforming your relationship with hurt. I had always believed that I had to let go of my pain in order to move forward, but I never realized that I could simply appreciate it for what it is, as part of my being, and transform it into something more powerful.

But how do we communicate with compassion during life’s most heated moments? How can personal struggle be an unexpected gateway into greater awareness, empowerment, and expansion? How do we have harmonious relationships with others despite profound differences? Kahn says the answer is love.

Hurt is something that we all experience, but instead of thinking that we must let it go in order to make room for new feelings like society has long taught us to do, Kahn says that one must love the parts of themselves that they wish to change in order to create more loving relationships and pathways.

“Love is the encouragement and support that we offer to various parts of ourselves,” Kahn says. “It allows one to remember their inner value, and restore their dignity as they begin to feel acknowledged, seen and heard, whether by themselves or others,” he adds.

Kahn’s latest book, “All for Love: The Transformative Power of Holding Space, ”Is about learning to utilize love as the most powerful tool in the universe for healing. In it, he answers these burning questions and offers heart-centered solutions for life’s biggest challenges.

He is an incomparable spiritual teacher, and has facilitated more than 12,700 personal healing sessions where he enriched people’s lives and helped them dissolve their pain through the power of love. For the first time in his career, a few of Kahn’s healing sessions have been captured on film in a highly praised documentary called, “Healed By Love. ” The documentary is a celebration of healing and illustrates that there is help in this uncertain, divided world. Kahn provides the blueprint we need to navigate choppy waters and emerge in greater unity and love.

He has helped an extraordinary amount of people reconnect and heal themselves in a profoundly meaningful way. Throughout his career he has been called the “Jack Black of Spirituality,” the “Buddha in Blue Jeans,” and a “Living Care Bear,” thanks to his unique sense of humor, relatability, and huge heart.

Kahn is the author of best-selling books, Whatever Arises Love That, Everything Is Here to Help Youand The Universe Always Has a Plan, which have been translated into more than a dozen languages. His second book, Everything is Here to Help Youwas even featured in the “Be Kind” box by Ellen Degeneres.

Kahn strives to revolutionize the way healing is perceived, understood, and facilitated. Prior to coming across Kahn’s teachings, I felt alone, frustrated, and weighed down. But Kahn reminded me of the power of love, and how loving yourself is the key to awaken your inner healer.

What’s most beautiful is that his power to heal is a reflection of the power that we all embody within ourselves.

“As we acknowledge how much more we can learn by bringing together our individual perspectives, we inspire each other to become the generations that helped turn an unsustainable way of living toward a more hopeful and conscious future,” he says.

If you are looking to embrace our ever-changing world with confidence and compassion, be sure to order a copy of Matt Kahn’s book, “All for Love: The Transformative Power of Holding Space. ”

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