LATEST – Grand Theft Auto 6 News & Leaks

We’re officially in 2022 and we think it could be a huge year for news on GTA 6. We’ve just seen another major DLC added to GTA Online called The Contract which will bring brand new story content to the multiplayer side of the game.

At this point, we’ve seen tonnes of leaks, rumours and teases regarding GTA 6 but they all tend to reveal very little about the state of the game, not to mention there is no way to validate the information until Rockstar themselves announce it.

Here’s the latest news, leaks and rumours regarding GTA 6!

LATEST – 2022 to be the year of GTA 6 News?

The latest leaks suggest that GTA 6 will release by March 2024 which suggests that this year will be when we finally start to learn some solid facts about the game.

Of course, only time will tell and we’re keeping a close eye on Rockstar and any moves they make this year!

Definitive Trilogy Will Teach Patience

Once again we find ourselves in a spot where a game was hyped and didn’t deliver on its promises. Granted, it’s on a slightly smaller scale this time, but the failings of the GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy will teach fans to be patient when it comes to GTA 6.

Scrapped Development Nothing to Worry About?

It’s been reported that the development of GTA 6 has been started and scrapped multiple times throughout 2020.

While this might be concerning to hear, we think it may actually be a positive sign!

Can GTA 6 Live up to the Hype?

Given how long it has been since a brand new Grand Theft Auto game was released, is GTA 6 at risk of falling victim to its own hype?

We think it’s going to take a lot of patience and faith from the community as well as Rockstar understanding that their silence isn’t always positive.

Is the GTA Trilogy considered a ‘New’ Game?

There’s an argument to be made that Rockstar may have become so sick of hearing about GTA 6 that they annoucned the remastered trilogy to get fans off their backs.

Has it worked? Apparently so becuas the hype for these ‘remasters’ seems to be quite high. Fans have already been warned that these are not ground up remasters and the games will retain their original look and feel with a few improvements and changes.

First Reveal due soon?

Rumours suggest that we could be getting our first official look at GTA 6 in November. This update comes from an unusual source but they seem confident in the information they hold. Their account was then reportedly taken down at the request of Rockstar Games although this is unconfirmed.

We also received further leaks this week that the Grand Theft Auto trilogy exists and is coming soon thanks to a leak from the South Korea Game Ratings Board.

Even Rockstar is sick of hearing about GTA 6 now!

Rockstar have taken drastic action by muting the term GTA 6 on their youtube channel. Any comments left with the term inclued will not be posted.

Prolific Rockstar content creator StrangeMan showed proof that the comments are no longer appearing.

GTA 6 Should bring back Real Estate and Businesses

One feature from GTA: Vice City that was mostly loved was business and real estate management. It didn’t play a huge role in the game but for those chasing 100% completion, it was a requirement.

We would love to see this return in GTA 6 in a larger capacity, perhaps how it was handled in games like Saint’s Row.

GTA 5 Enhanced & Expanded Delayed

Without any formal announcement or build-up, Rockstar revealed that the improved version of GTA v for PS5 and Xbox Series X/s has been delayed.

They announced this by simply changing the date at the end of the trailer from 11 November 2021 to March 2022

Fan storms live TV Show demanding GTA 6

In one of the strangest gaming stories ever, a fan stormed the set of a live German TV show demanding a GTA 6 release date.

The video can be found on this German Reddit page. The encounter is both bizarre and awkward. Fortunately, everything was handled calmly but it does seem like it takes an age for security to apprehend the intruder.

GTA 6 clue found in Red Dead Redemption 2

The clue in question is a letter, found on a dead body out in the Jesuit Missionary. The letter is a plea from Cardinal Blanco to the now-deceased Rodolfo.

In the letter, it’s discussed staying West instead of travelling East, a possible reference to the move from GTA 5 to 6.

GTA 6 Screenshot Reportedly Leaked

In what was already a big week for GTA with the release of the Los Santos Tuners update for GTA Online, we also got some other exciting news that relates to GTA 6.

A Reddit post went live from u/SouthernFailway that shows our first in-game screenshot from GTA 6.

GAMEPLAY: The Reddit user marked certain landmarks and features that might validate the image

This must be taken with a pinch of sale as Reddit has been known to produce plenty of false reports in the past, but the user has since done on to match up this screenshot with certain other leaked aspects including the leaked Vice City map.

Release Date Rumours Backed Up By Major Sources

It appears the wait for GTA 6 is truly set to be a few years longer yet. Popular Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier has backed up the rumoured 2025 release date from @_Tom_Henderson_

Both have stated that what they are hearing out of Rockstar Games matches up and a 2025 release date is the most likely scenario.

What We Want From A Vice City Map

With reports suggesting that GTA 6 is set to take place on a modern Vice City map, we took a look at what are the biggest things we want to see.

READ MORE: What We Want From A Modern Vice City Map In GTA 6

Whether it’s bringing back the gyms of San Andreas or the shopping mechanics from Red Dead Redemption 2, we know what we want and we won’t settle until we get it!

GTA 6 Release Date & Setting Reportedly Leaked

He has mentioned how cryptocurrency could be used in GTA 6 in the past, but @_Tom_Henderson_ is back with some more GTA 6 leaks.

In a new GTA 6 focused video, moving away from his normal Battlefield and Call of Duty focus, he talks about various things he’s heard over the last few months.

According to his sources, GTA 6 will not release until 2025, it will be set in a modern version of Vice City, and will feature an evolving map.

Whether means parts of the map will be replaced every few months, like Fortnite and Warzone, it’s not clear, but it could offer various ways of expanding GTA Online.

Rockstar Hinting At Reveal In July?

It’s not often that Rockstar engages in hidden message marketing, but with one of their latest GTA Online promo images, there could be a date hidden within.

In this promo for the Vetir, if you pay close attention to the V and the I from the E, we of course have the roman numeral VI (6). If you then take the main ware of the T, which looks like a 7, and the I and left part of the R, it looks like 11.

Put all this together and you have VI 7 11. Now of course this is completely speculative, but could we be in for something GTA 6 related on 11 July?

Cryptocurrency Could Be Used In GTA 6

Trusted leaker Tom Henderson recently revealed that cryptocurrency could play a part in GTA 6, being a method of currency in the game, with it being used by “higher up characters that need, it, to transfer high amounts of untraceable cash and fast.”

“I heard recently that in GTA 6, some missions will reward you in bitcoin instead of cash for completing some missions. The stock market feature will return, with the addition of a broker for different cryptocurrencies. If GTA 6 incorporates this right, it’s huge for crypto.

Just so there’s no confusion, I mean in-game payments of bitcoin. These payments will come from the more higher up characters that needs to transfer high amounts of “untraceable cash and fast”.

Just so there’s even less confusion – I’m not joking. This is what I heard from someone that I trust and it will likely not be called “Bitcoin” per say – But it will be a cryptocurrency.”

This would be interesting to see and makes sense as Rockstar Games has always had its finger on the pulse when it comes to including the latest trends and pop culture into the GTA series.

Release Date

So far there has been no official release date given, in fact, there hasn’t been an official announcement of its existence.

But, with GTA V launching back in 2013 it is very safe to say that GTA 6 is in development.


With a potential 2023 release window, we will be right in the middle of the next generation lifecycle, meaning that it, is extremely unlikely we will see the game release on either the PS4 or Xbox One.

Instead, it will release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

GTA V didn’t release on PC for two years after the console release, but with the popularity of the PC version of GTA V, it is likely we will see a launch of GTA 6 on PC from day 1, or at least fairly close to it.


It has been rumoured that the game will feature a 100-hour next-gen story mode, filled to the brim with dozens of missions.

With the size of the next-gen games, it is very likely we will see an install of around 200GB, so we could definitely see a very large campaign.

100 hours may be a bit much, but definitely 50-70 hours.

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GTA Online is a huge part of Rockstar’s portfolio, generating over $700 million per year in revenue.

This could also be part of the reason why they haven’t rushed to release GTA 6 because they are generating huge amounts of money with the online side of the game.

The mode recently saw its first map change since the game launched, a sign that more changes could happen in the future.

With the release of GTA 6, of single-player it is unlikely the online side will stay in Los Santos, instead of transferring over to the new map.

Rockstar could also be using the online part to test features, such as the single-player heists in the Cayo Perico expansion.

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Job Listing Hints At GTA 6

A job listing was posted on Monster looking for an environment artist to “Join our team to create next-generation worlds“.

It is fair to assume this is referring to upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X games.

In the listing, it states one of the responsibilities as “creating and texturing environment assets for the biggest and best open-world environment in the industry“.

When players think of the best open-world games, Grand Theft Auto is always top of that list, as well as Red Dead Redemption.

But with Red Dead Redemption 2 launching in 2018, it is very likely referring to a new GTA game.

With a decade passing since the release of GTA V, that sounds entirely plausible.

GTA V Next Gen Is Bad News For GTA 6

Recently, during the announcement of the GTA Online Summer Update 2021, it was revealed that the next-gen GTA V port would be released worldwide on November 11, 2021.

This news as good as confirms that it is very unlikely we will see the announcement of GTA 6 in 2021.

While fans are eagerly awaiting the official announcement of GTA 6, if they know the new game is coming then there would be less incentive to purchase GTA V on next-gen consoles and just stick with the version they currently play.

This means that we won’t likely see the reveal of GTA 6 until at least 2022.

GTA 6 Name Leaked?

The GTA series has seen numerous variations when it comes to its naming structure.

From the regular Grand Theft Auto with a number to the more spin-off variant like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

It has been suggested that the next entry in the series will combine both of them, with a clever play on words.

It has been rumoured that the next title in the series will be called Grand Theft Auto VI(CE) CITY.

HINT: Did Rockstar hint at the next location for GTA 6

By looking at the map for the “Height Of Society” from GTA Online’s recent racing DLC, it does show a potential hint of the next game being focused around Florida and Mexico.

This could hint at the next location for GTA 6 since Vice City is based in, Miami.

Rockstar May Have Leaked The Location

Way back in 2002, the year Vice City was released, Rockstar registered the domain

It doesn’t appear that the domain was ever used as nothing can be found on Waybackmachine.

But, recently Rockstar has renewed the domain, perhaps hinting at what we can expect from the next entry in the series.

It’s not uncommon for a publisher to register many domains surrounding a new game.

Many of these go unused and are just secured in case they are needed.

Quite often many of these become public knowledge as domain registrations are publicly available.

So it is possible the domain expired a long time ago, but with many fans believing GTA 6 will be set in Vice City, Rockstar may have been worried a fan might grab the domain name and make a fake website.

CARTEL: GTA Vice City has a strong focus on cartels

Map Leak Suggests A Second Location

Recently, we reported on a 4Chan leak of the GTA 6 map, which could hold a lot of weight based on previous reports as the game appears to be set in Vice City, which is modelled after Miami, Florida.

This map shows what appears to be an island similar to Florida, which is home to Miami and where Vice City is based on.

Leaks also appear to show a second island, which you can see below.

Players on the GTA sub-Reddit have speculated that this could be based on Rio De Janeiro, another location that has been rumoured for many months for GTA 6.

If these leaks are true, the island locations could show a larger emphasis on boats and planes, which could also open up the possibility of more hijacking missions and vehicle gameplay online.

GTA 6 will feature a single-player mode

Whilst GTA 6 is yet to be officially confirmed, we have good news if you’re a fan of the single-player modes on the Rockstar franchise.

Take-Two Interactive – one of the key brains behind the GTA franchise – has confirmed that whilst multiplayer, online experiences are a dominant force in the current climate, they won’t be turning their back on single-player modes.

THREE AMIGOS – Single player storylines will feature in GTA 6

“There was an argument just a couple of years ago, not around here, not in this shop, but in some of our competitors’ offices, that single-player is dead, that it’s all about multiplayer. We didn’t believe that. I said specifically and publicly that we didn’t believe that, our labels don’t believe that”

So fear not single-player fans, you’ll still have an expertly produced storyline mode to crack on with if/when GTA 6 comes around.

Could GTA 6 Be Influenced By WoW?

Last year saw the addition of the Cayo Perico Heists to GTA Online, the first time the map had been expanded since its launch in 2014.

Could this be a test for GTA 6?

With the game rumoured to take place in many different locations, it is possible we could see expansion packs released for the game, much like MMORPGs such as World Of Warcraft.

This could allow them to create a vast expansive world without having to delay the game for longer than it already will be, the current rumour is a 2023 release so a decade after GTA V.

We could also see the game return to many iconic, and even new locations.

Classic locations such as Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas could all be in the game, as well as a return to London.

GTA 6 NPCs Will Be Self Aware

Rockstars Games has applied to patent a new technology called “System and Method for Virtual Navigation in a Gaming Environment”.

The patent describes a new system that will allow NPCs to act intelligently and react to situations and hazards in real-time.

This is explained in the patent, with it stating that,

“As an additional drawback, conventional systems relied almost entirely on local traffic avoidance for NPCs to avoid collisions. This involves, each frame, checking the local environment for any potential obstructions (vehicles, pedestrians, objects), building up a view of that obstruction from the local vehicle (creating a `front facing` polygon which is a list of points/lines that the vehicle will need to avoid in order to not hit the obstruction), generating information about the road the vehicle is on so they can avoid going off-road into buildings and finally generating and detecting the best steering angle to avoid all the obstructions. This is done every frame for each entity and no knowledge of the previous frame is used. This can result in very late detection of potential issues and no high level knowledge of `this road is blocked;` instead, the system only indicates that there’s something in my way to be avoided. Vehicles cannot plan accordingly, for example, if there is any type of road blockage.”

But this new system will allow the NPCs to react to situations in real-time and plan new routes if their current one is blocked.

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The NPC could also decide to avoid the highway altogether if the player is going on a 5-star rampage with a rocket launcher.

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