La capsule Starliner de Boeing s’amarre à la station spatiale lors d’un test en vol sans équipage Par Reuters

The Starliner de Boeing capsule is located at the spatial station lore d'un test en vol sans équipage
© Reuters. PHOTO DE DOSSIER: The Atlas V shipment of the CST-100 Starliner de Boeing capsule is the only solution for the international spatial station to be retrospective for a large reprise in Cap Canaveral, Floride, United States, le 4 août 2021. REUTERS / Joe Skipper / Fichier Photo


By Joey Roulette and Steve Gorman

CAP CANAVERAL, Floride (Reuters) – The new capsule of the equipage Starliner de Boeing north of the International Space Station (ISS) day, complicates the objective of a fortune on the fort and in or without astronauts on board. .

The release of the CST-100 Starliner in a rubber frame for the vacant post office of the orbital recruits, which currently provides a segment of members, and its 26-hour acts after the launch of the capsule depot base de l’US Space Force de Cap Canaveral en Floride.

Starliner will be released on a summer trip to Atlas (NYSE 🙂 V fournie par la joint-venture Boeing-Lockheed Martin United Launch Alliance (ULA) and at least one orbite prefecture 31 minutes plus tard malgré la panne de deux propulseurs embarqués.

Boeing (NYSE é d é ar ar ar ar ar les les les les les de prop prop prop prop prop prop prop prop prop prop prop de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e N e N ses astronautes vers et depuis l’orbite.

The ISS route will take place at 20h28 HAE (0028 GMT Saturday) or at the expedition of 271 miles (436 km) in the southern part of India, according to commenters on a direct transfer. la liaison par la NASA.


Beaucoup desensitized by the resolution, it will be the premiere of the malheureux d’A la fin de 2019 a three-term term for the vicinity of the suite d’un probelème logiciel qui an effectivement déjoué la capacité du vaisseau spatial station à atteindrere spatiale.

The problem solves for the Starliner propulsion system, four of Aerojet Rocketdyne, under Boeing’s annals to be a tentative contribution to the launch of the national anthem.

Starliner is resting on the pendant on the merits of the event, as well as the societal issues on the causes of the breakdown of the vanities of carvings and on the social charities of the republic, as reported by Reuters in the next week.

Boeing to explain the final solution to the problem with a solution to the temporal contour and to make a difference after the next week.

Out of consideration for the cause of deforestation of the people after the death of the judiciary, Boeing has declared that certain conditions were determined by the regulatory order of the Starliner thermos, in addition to the resting points of the caps.

“Tout cela fait partie du processus d’aprentissage pour faire fonctionner Starliner en orbite», “said the commentator of the Boeing mission, Steve Siceloff, lors de la diffusion Web de la NASA.

The capsule quits the spatial mercury station for a retrospective flight to the Terre, the terminus for an atterrissage parachute adouci par airbag in the Nouveau-Mexique deck.

Unsurprisingly, it has always been the essence of Boeing alor that is based on the socio-economic conditions of Chicago as a result of the success of the success of the league and its regional development units. The Starliner program is worth more than $ 600 million dollars in re- ports for the 2019 presidential election.

In addition to the current mission mission, Starliner is currently inviting the team to reach out to the existing spatial station.

For the instant, the pass section is a recruiting manifesto, or fantasqual Rosie the Rocketeer and a combination of volleyball combinations, attachment to the commander and recipients of donations on the conditions of the queue cabin pendant le voyage, plus 800 livres (227 kg) of fret and live. at the station spatia.

The plate-oriented structure is currently occupied by NASA’s astronaut tropical forces, an Italian astronaut of the European spacecraft and troop cosmonautes russes.

Deposit the reprise of volumes in equipage and orbite depressing sol america in 2020, neuf ans après la fin du program de la navette spatiale, l’agence spatiale américaine a dû compter uniquement sur les fusées Falcon 9 et les capsules Crew Dragon de la société SpaceX d’Elon Musk to pilot the astronauts of NASA.

Auparavant, la seule autre option pour atreindre le laboratoire orbital entait de faire du stop o bord du vaisseau spatial russe Soyouz.

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