Kiwis binge on downloaded shows and meal kits in lockdown

Performance at the service center dropped by 57%.

Kiwis pays close attention to the displays and cooking from food during the closing period, which Westpac found in spending money reveals.

The first two weeks of the closure were a major financial change as families were relocated to life within their four walls, while shops such as bakeries and fast food outlets declined sharply.

“Consuming discounted prices from companies such as Apple and Amazon as part of total revenues has doubled from 2.3% to 5%, while the share of sales in specialty food markets such as Farro and home-grown companies such as Hello Fresh is up from 1.8% to 3.1%, a 72% increase in shares, “said Oliver Lynch, Chief Experience Officer of Westpac NZ.

“In other words, Kiwis is reading, watching over and cooking the storm.”

Kiwi not only spends money on various things, but he spends different times during the day.

“Rates from 10pm to midnight are 61% lower than usual during closing time, which indicates that we are not going to visit our friends, or we are just going to bed early,” Lynch said. .

Prices fell by 99% at the bakery and 97% by fast food vendors, while the vending machine made the most money left over. Activity in real estate and service delivery companies also declined by 82% and 57% from their previously closed segments.

Westpac’s information about how they spend money reveals what New Zealanders are buying.

Revenue from supermarkets accounted for 22% of total sales – up from 16% during closing.

“It is clear that many small businesses such as bakeries and restaurants have been hit hard by the recent closure. in September and October. ”

With so many people shopping online during the closing period, Lynch says it is important to be vigilant with fraud and deception.

“While we are aware of and avoid fraud and fraud every year, consumers can protect themselves by not providing online banking passwords or providing credit card information on online donations or competitions.

“When shopping online, check the website you are shopping for to make sure it is legitimate. It can be as simple as typing the name of a business or seller on Google with the word “scam” – if it is fraudulent, there is often a lot of information on the internet. “

Lynch says Westpac data comes from credit card and credit card data from its customers and business data from Westpac businesses, to provide representative examples of total credit card payments.

Most of Westpac NZ information is anonymous and is included for privacy purposes.

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