Kids in the north faring worse in wake of pandemic – report

CHILDREN in northern England are facing more health problems and education as a result of the epidemic than young people in some countries, a new major report has warned.

One of the authors of the report, Kate Pickett, a professor of Epidemiology at York University, said: “Climbing north should be a strong and viable option for the Covid generation and for future generations such as building roads, railways and bridges.”

He said the good news of the report was that investing in children brings significant benefits and benefits to all.

A variety of studies, called Child of the North, affected more than 40 students and were conducted by the Northern Health Science Alliance and the N8 Research Partnership.

It noted that rising inequalities cost the economy dearly, and came up with a number of ideas on how to reduce them rather than change the lives and futures of millions of children in the North East, North West and Yorkshire and Humber.

A spokesman said the study had shown that children in the North had a 27 percent chance of living in poverty compared to 20 percent in England as a whole.

Infant mortality and childhood obesity were also higher in the North.

He also said that prior to the outbreak, the North had significantly reduced costs for Sure Start children – almost, the cost was reduced by $ 412 per child in the north, compared to only $ 283 in the whole of England.

“At the time of the epidemic, North children were more lonely than children in England,” he said.

Twenty-two percent of parents in the North say that their child is “often” lonely compared with 15 percent of the national average.

“The study estimates that the loss of education in the north, which occurred during the epidemic, will cost £ 24.6 billion in lost wages for the rest of their lives.”

The authors offered a range of ideas including raising £ 10 per child per week to raise child support, bring free school meals and baby food, a campaign that former English footballer Marcus Rashford has led in the past.

A spokesman for the Department of Education said: “Our repatriation program continues to spread across the country, with £ 5 billion invested in higher education, global higher education for first-year teachers and professionals, extra tuition, and increased time.” colleges. and 40 hours a year.

“We are helping the most vulnerable, those at risk or who are about to learn – wherever they live – to make up for what was lost during the epidemic.”

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