Jack Leach admits to studying ‘impressive’ Nathan Lyon ahead of Ashes

The action of “very interesting” Nathan Lyon has formed part of Jack Leach’s preparations for the upcoming series of Ashes.

But around the left Orthodox arm, he speaks after the second day of pre-season games in England England Lions in Brisbane have been cleared, vowing to rely on their strengths if selected to take on Australia as his team prepares for the first Test in Gabba.

“For many years I have been watching Nathan Lyon and he is very interesting,” Leach told reporters Wednesday from the Queensland headquarters.

Jack Leach has acknowledged Nathan Lyon’s ability to get more out of expectations (Mike Egerton / PA) (PA Archive)

“How strong his ball is and on wickets that don’t give much wisely he finds ways to get relief, dip and everything else.

“It’s things I’ve always tried to add to but I stick to my strengths.”

The rounds marked the return of Ben Stokes and the presence of Stokes teammate Chris Woakes gave him confidence that he would be selected for the five-match series that starts in Brisbane on December 8.

“Starting in the summer, the comment was that Stokesy was not on the sidelines, not having the whole process in the top tier, which made it difficult for me to step aside,” Leach said.

Ben Stokes has returned to England after taking a break (Michael Steele / PA) (PA Wire)

“That’s why I think having him too is good. Also having Woakes in the back…

Leach and Stokes teamed up to help England secure a one-wicket win over Headingley at the 2019 Ashes.

Leach smiled when asked if he would be tired of hearing about his undefeated performance on the occasion – with Stokes scoring 135 points.

“I’m not tired of those who didn’t come out – I don’t think I’ll ever be there, but I think I want to continue in England (and that’s what happens,” he said.

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