Is Nanoblading the New Microblading? A Cosmetic Tattoo Artist Explains

  • Nanoblading is a self-adhesive cosmetic method similar to microblading.
  • Nanoblading, or nano brow procedures, use a tattoo gun to create natural looking eyebrows.
  • There are differences between nanobladed and microbladed eyebrows, and each method is ideal for different applications.

Your natural eyebrow treatment options range from simple cosmetic procedures to permanent solutions such as eyebrow fixes, and somewhere in between. microblading. This form of self-painting tattoos has become popular in recent years and lasts for about a year or two before it needs to be addressed. For a while, microblading was going for everyone wanted natural looking eyebrows without the hassle of applying makeup every day. But now, there is a new, slightly more sophisticated method out there that is worth knowing called nanoblading.

If you are thinking of making your eyebrows smaller because you want longer results, nanoblading may be the best option for you. To find out the difference between microbladed and nanobladed eyebrows, read on.

What Is Nanoblading?

For interpretive purposes, let’s go through microblading – this technique uses a small needle with a few needles to apply the dye under the skin that resembles tiny whips like hair. “Nanobrows, also called a hair-stroke brow tattoo, are a straightforward method that has the same microblading effect, even though they are made using a digital device / tattoo machine with a single needle.” Shaughnessy Otsuji, owner and tattoo artist restoration to Studio Sashiko, told POPSUGAR.

Microblading is ideal for anyone who wants to change their shape a little or make eyebrows look better when the hair is no longer growing. Nanoblading, on the other hand, “can be beneficial for those who want a natural look but have darker, coarse, or oily skin.” It also works well for directing search results that have already been published.

In the metric system, the starting noun “nano” is less than “micro,” so nanoblading uses a small, single-needle method. This has few advantages. “The mechanical design used by nano brows causes the skin to become more sensitive and results in increased stress and movement control to create hair extensions,” Otsuji said. That said, “artist’s expertise is crucial” with something like nanoblading.

What Happens During Nanoblading Treatment?

The process of making your eyebrows nanobladed is similar to microblading. The first half of the selection should include a discussion in which the artist on your nose helps you determine the best shape for your nano brows, as well as the size and type of pigment to use. “Assessing the client’s skin color is also important to determine if there may be any technical expertise required to achieve the results,” Otsuji said. Once the appearance of the new eyebrows is identified, they apply to the skin as a tattoo mark and apply a painkiller.

Then “a single moving needle and machine is used to apply the paint slowly to the skin,” Otsuji said. “The procedure can take some time because each stroke is better treated using a tattoo machine.” Extra nano straps can be made to look fuller, thicker, and darker as needed, however, this should be done over time “so as not to overuse the skin.” From start to finish, nanoblading takes about two to four hours.

How Long Does the Effects of Nanoblading Take?

Nanoblading is a temporary eyebrow treatment where the effects can last from two to three years. “Nano browsing can have slightly longer lasting effects than microblading due to the depth at which the pigment is applied to the skin,” Otsuji said. To make the results look new, Otsuji recommended that they work together once or every two years.

Is Nanoblading or Microblading Right for Me?

Consulting a specialist who provides nanoblading and microblading is the best way to determine which treatment is right for you. As a well-known law, Otsuji provided this guideline: “Microblading is a great alternative to dry skin types, and mechanical tips like nano brows can work on a variety of skin types including those with a lot of oil or scars.” And if you are trying to repair or hide pre-painted or microbladed eyebrows, go with nanoblading.

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