Is it time to end vaccine passports? Experts divided over whether they are still useful

The Vax Divide: ‘We are starting to look at our citizens in a way that they are not equal to us …. And I think it is the most dangerous thing to do’

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Psychologist and McMaster University professor David Streiner has two opinions on vaccine passports.


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He is prepared to consider anything that would motivate people to shoot a COVID shot, even charge those who have not been cursed to stay in the hospital.

“But passports? They can be a good stick, but I’m not sure how effective they are in slowing down the spread of the virus. After the vaccine was changed, “all the reasons came out the window.”

The effectiveness of the vaccine has always been able to prevent serious illness, hospitalization and death in at-risk adults. The debate was, does it reduce the risk of HIV infection?

According to a new and unpublished research from Canadian peers, acts for a short time. But Dosage two is less likely to cause infections and Omicron. By six months after the second dose, “it’s almost zero,” said Toronto-based author and epidemiologist Dr. Jeff Kwong.


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The revised team report shows that resistance to the disease recovers up to about 60 percent after the third dose with the mRNA vaccine. Above, yes, “yet not so great,” not as high as Delta.

Vaccine passports were established for two reasons: to prevent the spread, and to prevent people from entering hospitals and living. In the end, the shot goes off on its own. But it is clear that they do not stop the spread of the disease, especially the highly infectious Omicron, which leads some to question whether passports are still necessary, and why governments are not being adequately addressed.

Dr. “And this is part of the whole mess,” said Martha Fulford, an infectious disease specialist at McMaster Children’s Hospital.


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Passports encourage vaccination, making life easier for those who deliberately refuse to shoot, Kwong said. Booking the first dose four times Quebec has expanded its cannabis vaccination certification system and beverage market.

But Kwong, a senior ICES scientist, said, meanwhile, vaccine passports are working to protect those who did not comply. It would be difficult to explain why, exactly. But with a lot of people with double standards, a lot of people he can enter a place with vaccination certificates. “In view of the two-level reduction / inefficiency, depending on when the last level was present, there is a risk of these individuals becoming infected, perhaps unknowingly, and transmitting the virus to another person in such cases,” Kwong said.


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Vaccinators may be less susceptible to infection, due to their shots. “That’s why they can be out, even if they are infected,” he said. “With the exception of all non-vaccinated people in these areas, we are protecting them from vaccinated individuals, who may be infected with the virus asymptomatically or pre-symptomatically with COVID, but can be contagious, especially if anyone is exposed.”

“If we lose the vaccine passports, those who have not been vaccinated have moved into those areas. At the moment, they may be living a free life, and they can be safer that way. But when we remove the vaccine certificates, it is like living ducks.


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Some believe that vaccines could be harmful, “because it makes people think they are safe – they had never been to Omicron, but never did,” Toronto infectious disease specialist Dr. Andrew Morris wrote one of his own. COVID emails weekly.

“Vaccination certificates may be useful at some point,” Morris wrote, “but the two main goals – encouraging people to receive vaccinations and protecting people by keeping them in low-income areas – are no longer viable.”

There is also the question of how many people should be excluded to prevent a single spread of SARS-CoV-2.

The Quebec passport vaccination system will ultimately require three levels of purchase at a liquor store and cannabis, eating indoors or entering gymnasiums, concerts and other venues. Israel has begun rolling out the Fourth Level for 60 and beyond. There are annual discussions, such as with seasonal flu. Streiner, a professor in the department of psychiatry and behavioral neuroscience at McMaster, sees the risk of relapse. “I think we’re in a phase of exhaustion: Well, I have my two shots, my motivation. Enough already. Let me move on with my life.”


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Streiner is the lead author, “eminence grise” of a pre-published study which estimates, in the pre-Omicron period, that about 1,000 non-vaccinated individuals should be removed to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in many species.

“In the fall, when people were talking about establishing regimes, and some of my uncircumcised friends were about to be eliminated, I asked myself, what is the risk of reducing the number of undocumented medical personnel,” said Drs. Aaron Prosser, a psychiatry resident at McMaster. “And this has just prompted him to research more of the numbers behind them.”

The study looked at home events, parties (meaning intimate communication between friends and family), casual interactions (“temporary type, long-term interactions in public places or homes,” Prosser said), workplace and education and trips and directions. Comparing, “Going to a restaurant is probably a mix of parties and public accidents,” he said.


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The screening took place when the threat of disease in Canada and around the world was stabilized. “We were in the middle of these waves,” Prosser said. “Obviously now the risk of infection is increased. This is very different.”

“But I think we need to think seriously about whether, in a democratic democracy, we are convinced that the best we can produce (vaccinations and passports) is beyond the scope of creating a group of citizens who are not allowed to do so.”

We are starting to look at our citizens in a way that they are not citizens like us, because they have made decisions that we do not agree with.

Dr. Aaron Prosser

“We have begun to look at our brother in a way that they are not citizens like us, because they have made decisions that we do not agree with. And I think that’s a terrible thing to do. ”


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New federal modeling released Friday is seeing an increase in daily hospitals in the coming weeks. But there are also indications that Omicron waves may be rising sharply in Ontario and Quebec, as is evident in Britain and the US. According to the Associated Press, the difference may be the loss of the people who can transmit it. “It’s going down as fast as it went up,” Seattle University of Washington scientist Ali Mokdad told AP.

Another good news: “Vaccines protect against side effects,” Kwong said. “This is what we need to hang our hats on.”

Canadians did not follow with numbers

Canadian Qualifications 5 and above uncircumcised (zero level): 12%

Eligible Canadians 5 years of age or older in each state and district who are not vaccinated:

Alberta: 15.8%

Saskatchewan Region: 14.1%

Manitoba: 12.6%

Ontario: 12.5%

BC: 11.6%

Rate: 11.6%

Quebec: 10.2%

New Brunswick: 9.7%

Yukon: 9%

Nova Scotia: 8.4%

Prince Edward Island: 7.2%

Northwest Territories: 5.6%

Newfoundland and Labrador: 2.5%

Uncircumcised men (since Jan. 8): 18.3% (total)

Uncircumcised women (as of Jan. 8): 16% (of the general population)

The proportion of those who were not circumcised by age:

5-11: 60.5%

12-17: 13%

18-29: 14.3%

30-39: 12.2%

40-49: 10%

National Post, with additional files from Tom Blackwell



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