Irish teenager shares how queer music is revolutionary

GCNnewvoices in accordance with BeLonG Kuti develops ideas and ideas for LGBTQ + young writers from across the region, talking about issues that are important to them. Rosa Connolly shares how stuttering music changes.

Queer songs are flexible, well-integrated, poetic and romantic. It is complex and unique. It is a representation in the best possible way. Whether it’s crushed, twisted guitars or clear vocals, it’s a delightful mix mixed with the amount of complexity of the experience.

I am 15 years old and I love both men and women. I love music, I love music. It’s a place where everything goes – from tears to breaking a guitar. As an archetype it is a place where you understand the impact of the show and the challenges that come with it. It can express feelings in words or allow the mind to express itself in all its songs.

The first memory I found that my part of the song was listening to Haley Kiyoko’s songs ‘Girls Like Girls’. Hearing the phrase, “Girls as girls as boys” was a turning point for a 12-year-old boy realizing that it was not the norm. It was as if someone were on my side. It showed me that queerness is a union.

My next taste of queer music is from the summer I went out to my parents. I slept on the floor in my room and played ‘Girls’ by Girl In Red until late at night. There may be even a few tears in a row, “No this is not a phase or coming of age, this will not change”. It was such a rare feeling that someone could ever find one. I got out of the car, it was tricky but now I am shooting his new disc while driving with my dad. It showed me that queerness is endurance.

I found Arlo Parks before I started writing poetry. He did an amazing interview on Jools Holland and I set his record to repeat in all my online classes the next day. It’s beautiful, inspiring and defines the challenges outside of queer relationships perfectly. Lines like, “I dreamed a dream we kissed and it was all amethyst, you make your eyes look like Robert Smith” and “you hung a cigarette between your purple lips” helped me find my love of words. I try to use the same piece-by-piece method to write my poems, things like school shoe polish pins, vocals and moon-shaped earrings. She showed me queerness and beauty.

Special interest is useless. It is a very interesting queer punk band formed in 2015. Think of jewelry, skins and Doc Martens. Their song ‘Street Pulse Beat’ is a genre that fills every room. It is rebellion and intimidation. It rejects stereotypes and makes good music ready for school. It showed me that queerness is strong.

Queer music is essential. It is a natural part of our community. It goes through the boxes we are forced to enter. With demonstrations, riots, poetry and passion. It assures me that queerness is harmony, perseverance, beauty and strength.

And all this through broken headphones and a 15 minute walk home.

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