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The Worst Man in the World (Joachim Trier, 2021)

In its preface, chapter 12, and the preface, Joachim Trier The Worst Man in the World following Julie (Renate Reinsve, winner of the Best Actress award at Cannes this July), on a journey through her various genres. He experimented with medicine, psychology, and photography, and wrote an article about “Oral Sex in the #MeToo Age.” He does not want children pa, not when he has too much power to achieve. He is in his 30s. He sees himself in the eyes of two lovers: the older Aksel (the leading young man of Trier Anders Danielsen Lie), a covert artist known as Fritz the Cat-like character; and Eivind (Herbert Nordrum), a young, environmentally friendly man, and proud.

After a series of national and American film tours to Thelma and Than Pipes, Trier and fellow photographer Eskil Vogt returned to Oslo with a project driven by the quality of their first two items. The Worst Man in the World made in the form of Trier’s freewheeling style, full of words, digressions, gags, and unexpected curves. Mu videoTwo interesting routes, the city is in the back, and Aksel and Eivind are the opposing trees of Julie land. At first, he interrupts the party and meets the beautiful Eivind. The two decide not to cheat on each other, but try other forms of friendship, experience the drunken chase of meeting new people and trying new people. Second, Julie imagines herself leaving the house she shares with Aksel and rushing to Eivind under the glass roofs of the renovated Oslo port, where the entire city is frozen. The series uses Oslo’s eternal magical summer night, when it sounds like the sun will not set — until, suddenly, it says.

I spoke to Trier when he was in town to deliver The Worst Man in the World in New York Video Celebration. Neon will release video in the US in winter.

I know you love George Cukor, it was the first thing that came to mind when it came to this new video was Holidays-The idea that you can meet someone, and see in them the potential for a new kind of self.

I think the best love jokes use close personal conversation as the starting point for questions that exist about how we express ourselves. And how painful that conversation can be, as well as humor, hopefully, and how important it is. For example, in The Philadelphia story, there are various available methods, or parts of it, of Katharine Hepburn in discussions to try to find the risk in herself. In order to be able to have love, you have to face and lose your normal life, in a way. Among the funniest, most beloved films we have, there is the meaning of something very complex.

The origin of me video and rom-com, but over time video, it is a complete reflection of the concept of selfishness, and time — as is the limited time. Unless we realize that, we feel we have a sense of timing. This is a very confusing place — and very friendly, and I feel sorry for Julie, a 30-year-old who still seems to have grown up.

Your movies are usually immovable and made differently, but inside The Worst Man in the World, it is very encouraging: you are telling the story of a stranger who wants to be, and you are telling the story in different ways.

When Eskil Vogt and I write together, we do not begin with a plot at all. We begin with the personality, the head, and the third element – what you are asking – which we call “mind”. For example, we ask what would happen if, in Oslo, August 31, a man was sitting in a restaurant, with dark thoughts of a normal recovery person, listening to ordinary conversations at the same time. Or in this video. The idea is to use the language of cinema as freely as Julie, who changes her personality every five minutes.

Many years ago, I had an idea: one who is in a relationship meets another and immediately realizes that he is attracted to her. But he clearly states, “We cannot be unfaithful. So what else are we allowed to do? ” they and sound like the whole part video at first it was too long. I love the color we have here – I cut the last one, and it is made the way I want it to – but there are so many distractions and ideas that we had to give up. Then we found out video on the way as well.

Was it always a way of telling the story in twelve chapters?

It was full of heads. We thought, in order to make a story that bleeds over time and follow someone else from the twenties to the early thirties, we needed an elliptical form, which gave me the freedom to go deep, to be beaten and beaten. A note on the wall of our post office, which remains on top of other activities, says, “Remember to differentiate.” This means differences in character traits, as well as changes in tonal a video. By a video of light, stupid romanticism, on the one hand, and with video about death and the lost importance of being present in your life.

Because the story is told in a nutshell, we know that there are some things left out, which makes it seem like time has passed.

And it is video time, finally. Also hopefully it leaves room for the audience to engage. I wanted to hug her warmly a video, and I want there to be hope even though it is sometimes sad. The key reference was Virginia Woolf’s His room. Julie needs to find her place, where she can support herself and not run away from contact with others.

I wanted to ask you if it is very difficult to write a person who does not agree – or if you reject the idea that there is a difference between a relative and other people you have written.

The most exciting part of writing this video it was a traumatic human conflict, which is brought together through the remarkable work of Renate Reinsve. I knew I was writing for him, so I knew I had someone whose mind might be one of the most interesting things I’ve ever shown in video. Having such an attitude on the idea of ​​self-interest, jokingly, not in the sense of exploration — through a person who always runs away from inconsistency was fun, and that in itself became inconsistent. It also affects his awareness that sometimes in life it seems temporary, before realizing that he has a short time and that some of the things that seem to be temporary are real about him and his experiences. I think that’s what it means to grow. By a video for adults who still feel like they don’t know how to grow. I know a lot about it; I think I’ve always felt that way in my own life.

When I wrote this video I had to make something hopeful and exciting. I felt that way Oslo, August 31 was trying to give people a chance to acknowledge grief and sorrow, and that catharsis had to lie outside of the story. Here, I am an adult, and I wanted Julie to live in a self-centered environment despite her pain. Sounds like I’ve become an old hippie, and I probably have. Freedom is hard — I think we all feel that sometimes, and that isolation is played into our lives more than ever. We have been deceived into making this choice, but at the end of the day, our time will be so long, and this knowledge can scare us into making decisions. You think that all the doors are open, and before you know that the decision is for you, because you did not do anything. I think that mess has a lot of humor in it.

I would like to inquire about the geography of Oslo — the city is cold and Julie is running to Eivind, moving between the two cities of the city, or living routes in the city.

I’m trying to create a travel map. Initially, they lived in areas that were formerly bohemian-but-long-gentrified West Village area with his older girlfriend. He can afford it. She’s done well, has a nice house, and loves to be replaced by this wonderful person. But the mind-set that he longs for, to be seen, also connects in two because it prevents him from finding himself. The next guy he meets lives in a place that might be similar to Greenpoint, Brooklyn — a cool, but cool place that used to be a workplace but now has a lot of young, progressive, fun people who drink. natural wine, filtered with special coffee. There is little borrowing and relaxation and the thought of being successful all the time — though this also goes into the story slowly, as we can see.

The video is about to emerge in Norway, and I am asked to do more about urban development, as if I were a sociologist. What I do know is that this street and the house create a place for human beings that I can describe, though I do not know the meaning of human culture. I just know that these things affect me naturally. It’s amazing to write about your town. In my opinion Oslo, as New York of Scorsese and New York Spike Lee are very different. They all represent the same city, but with different interpretations, which they cannot say. That’s a great thing about movies – it’s closer to documentation than analysis.

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