IN MY ORBIT: Happy Thanksgiving! My List of Overflowing Gratitude

I want to say thank you is the highest quality idea, and gratitude is a wonderfully double happiness. ”
– GK Chesterton

This year has been incredibly twisted, so I have no depth and depth to say, really, except: THANK YOU.

I’m Thankful to you, dear readers. You give me an audience to pour my thoughts on the page. I loved to write and loved to write from an early age. Now I’m an old bird and I’ve done a lot, but it has never been as fun as I had when I chatted with you on RedState. I enjoy every day and thank you for giving me this opportunity.

I’m Thankful be part of Team RedState for the past year! I have been writing for a long time, on my own, and in other ways, and this is one of the most cohesive and cohesive groups I have ever enjoyed. Everyone knows how fast the bad team can be with the harvest. A good team elevates my friends, and I am happy to be a part of a very good team.

I’m Thankful to my loving husband, who supports me, and gives me the opportunity to do all the crazy and creative things I do. He reads everything I write, and he also reads his comments – so he knows some of you! I am so blessed to have such a special person to live with and I am grateful that he chose me to be his.

I’m Thankful that we have found a house! Some of you have read about our home story thanks to the bad California prices and bad home rules. Although many of you tell me to “Come out” and tell me about some good places (thanks), we know we have been invited to stay here, in a world of fruits, nuts, and junk food (not yet many of us.). Also, the man has a good job, we have a very good religious group, and we love California, even though it is declining. We are planning to be a part of the ever-changing environment (it will happen), and now we have a new home to do this! God always provides what you need in order to do his will. I am glad that we continued to hold fast, grateful for the fulfillment of His promises to us.

With that in mind, I’m Thankful that we have a roof over our heads all the time in limbo, and a safe place for our furry children. That is no small thing. We have been here before, but not for long. Larger areas are more expensive, and many do not allow pets. But we were given everything, and there were no distractions during the months of limbo. So thank you very much for that.

I’m Thankful now I live in Orange County. Freedom is real, and many of the elected officials here support their citizens’ right to freedom. Small businesses are thriving here; I would not say the same to small businesses in other states (I see you, Los Angeles) who are being crushed by Newsom and its unelected governing body.

I’m Thankful that we have landed in a wise city within this realm of the wise, which is a double blessing.

Along with that, I’m Thankful for the best dog kennels with friendly dog ​​owners. Yesterday, our two Bubbas and our little Bubbette (my own names), had a great time with a couple of cute dogs and their owners, including the dad and his cute girls! Everyone was happy to be outside, with the other people, and all the dogs. No one clung to their phone, be it weird or weird, and look down their noses at you because your dogs are so quiet and don’t wear Gucci collars. My furry kids are sweet, but a little crazy – like their Mom. They are also constantly shouting, and are often a little darker. We prepare them, but not every week! While living in Los Angeles County, we had some frustrating and deadly experiences in their many parks. That is why we have never had trouble getting them there. So, this is just like ventilation, as well as a way to explore our new environment.

The list is endless, as it should be. Although our country has not been a leader and all that they are doing to destroy this country, we still live in America. People passing through the Border region know what most people should learn and appreciation: we live in the largest country in the world.

Let me leave you with a little verse (you will thank me for that) of one of my favorite Thanksgiving songs. Didn’t you know that was a thing? All right, listen.

Ah Lord we bring praise and honor
As a gift of thanksgiving to You
For Your great grace
With your great kindness
Now ask for our thanks again
So Lord we come empty handed
Lifting our hearts with our words alone
As we sing in a humble expression of appreciation
As you give, always correct and bless
Thank you for your daily enjoyment.

Thanksgiving Gift, Jack W. Hayford. 1987 Annamarie Music.

Good luck!

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