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I’m a fashion pro – 3 clothing styles which are making you look old, do you have any in your wardrobe?

NO one wants to feel like their outfits are aging them or making them look older than they are.

From the perspective of one fashion influencer on TikTok, there are a few pieces of clothing to ditch if you want to maintain a youthful look.


The woman who goes by @PetiteDressing on TikTok has shared a video with fashion adviceCredit: TikTok
She says dresses that lack waist definition are not suitable


She says dresses that lack waist definition are not suitableCredit: TikTok

A TikToker and fashion guru posting under the name @PetiteDressing uploaded a video with fashion advice that has garnered tons of attention.

She says capri pants are a no-go in your closet if you want to avoid looking older.

Not only do capris age you, but they also make you look shorter, she says.

The next items to avoid, according to @PetiteDressing, are dresses that lack waist definition.

She says: “These will make you look bulkier!”

Tunic tops are another item that should be removed from your closet if you want to steer clear of an aged appearance.

“The length is awkward and hard to style,” she explains.

TikTokers have opened up with their own opinions about her style tips and fashion advice.

One person wrote: “Where have you been all my life?”

“My old job requires us to wear tunic tops if we want to wear leggings. Good thing I never bought one and left that job! ” someone else added.

Another person posted: “So true! Now that I see it… OMG. ”

Not everyone completely agrees with her fashion tips though.

One woman chimed in saying: “I disagree about capris. Some look good, especially if you’re tall. ”

“Nothing is wrong with the types of clothes in my opinion,” someone else commented, “It’s how you carry yourself, posture, and confidence while wearing those clothes.”

Tunic tops will make you look older, @PetiteDressing advises


Tunic tops will make you look older, @PetiteDressing advisesCredit: TikTok

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