“I might be giving him the edge now” – Frank Lampard changes opinion on Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo debate

In an interview with an ex Manchester United Captain Gary Neville, Chelsea legend Frank Lampard answered a major question that football fans have asked in recent years.

In an interview with SkyBet, Neville asked the former Chelsea boss 29 questions. Perhaps the weakest of them were the following:

“Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?”

Two modern football teams will be forever remembered by football players for countless reasons. Lionel Messi during his time at FC Barcelona he always practiced magic and football which was unprecedented. He has always scored top goals throughout his career and is well advanced Cristiano Ronaldo in the case of support services as well.

🗣 Frank Lampard on Messi vs Ronaldo: “I have become a man of Messi … I think so because of what Ronaldo has produced and the actual numbers and goals in the finals and semi-finals and as we have seen – I think he can empower him now.” [The Overlap]

🗣 Frank Lampard on Messi vs Ronaldo: “I have become a man of Messi … I think so because of what Ronaldo has produced and the actual numbers and goals in the finals and semi-finals and as we have seen – I think he can empower him now.” [The Overlap] https://t.co/c4gLlT0cPr

So far, Cristiano Ronaldo has been the best scoring machine ever seen since leaving Manchester United. Ronaldo is definitely not the same as Messi when it comes to raw talent.

However, he has an amazing ability to score goals and keep his body healthy. This has allowed him to plead guilty to serious misconduct.

(Seal of time – 2:10)

Frank Lampard was confused as the author of this article. He also said that he was initially a fan of Lionel Messi but was forced to give Cristiano Ronaldo a limit in recent years. He said:

“I’ve always been a Messi man. I think about what Ronaldo brought out as well as the actual numbers and goals in the big finals, semi-finals and what we’ve seen, I think maybe I’ll give him a chance now.”

Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi: Who is the greatest player of all time?

Statistics point to a simple answer. Cristiano Ronaldo has 634 goals and 134 assists in 823 games in all competitions in the four teams he has played.

Lionel Messi has 631 goals and 252 assists in all 724 games. Many football fans agree that Lionel Messi has done the amazing thing he did with football. In addition, he has a slightly better lead and less assistants than Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s fans can say he has a great opportunity to give if it is the most important thing for his teams. It is evident from his reputation for scoring goals in the Champions League.

On the other hand, most of Lionel Messi’s goals have come against Spanish clubs. However, he always contradicts English critics. Sir Alex Ferguson spoke clearly about Cristiano Ronaldo. He says Ronaldo has the potential to score a hat-trick regardless of the team he is fighting for, as well as the team he is playing for.

Messi praises Ronaldo’s ability to adapt to life in the Premier League 👏

Messi praises Ronaldo’s ability to adapt to life in the Premier League 👏 https://t.co/rvp8eIQCIT

In addition, Ronaldo is the best of the two. She has maintained her role as a mentor to young people through simple things, sometimes even her diet.

Lionel Messi, meanwhile, is struggling to make PSG, the only team he has played for other than FC Barcelona. The Blaugrana during Messi’s time had never considered forming a team that did not align itself with the Argentine. However, at PSG there is no one, but two big stars who want to be the biggest player in Paris. These are Neymar and Kylian Mbappe.

Here, Messi is still suffering, although there have always been magical moments. He has scored only once in Ligue 1 so far this season.

Regardless of the aspect of the argument you are leaning on, the beauty of the question above is that it should not be answered. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the biggest club players of all time. They both just need to be entertained by the rest of their careers.

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