How to Disable Notification Badges in Windows 11 Taskbar

Like all other operating systems, notifications play a vital role in providing you with the best possible information when you use your device. How do you know if you have an important message to reply or an important email from your workplace? Right, by receiving notifications of them. It is difficult to even think of a way to communicate important messages or emails, other than information. With Windows 11, you receive notification every time there is a message or anything that must be approved. This information can be turned on and off on any Windows 11 device.

But, do you know what a badge badge is? No?

Well, when we receive information from any program or program, we can see the number or the red dot in the picture for the program or app… right? The number or red dot is called the notification badge. It shows that you have information from the app or app and until you open it, the badges are always there when you see the image. It is a very useful thing to be reminded over and over again that you have to listen to the information.

But, sometimes, information badges can be more annoying to us than helpful. Not everyone likes their device pen to be filled with red dots or numbers. While notification badges are useful for reminders of some important programs, there are probably many programs on the personal device that often fill our tools with unnecessary information. Even if you do not activate the notification, it will be difficult if you have notification badges with the Windows 11 device.

Since you are here, we think you have already noticed and want to know if there is any way to stop them.

How to disable notification badges within Windows 11 Taskbar

You are in the right place because now, we are showing you how to disable Windows 11 notification badges with the help of a simple, step-by-step guide: –

Disable notification badges in Windows 11

Section 1: Click on the ‘Start’ icon and search for ‘Settings’ in the search bar. Now open the ‘Settings’ app by clicking on the most relevant results. Simply press the ‘Windows + I’ keys to open the ‘Settings’ App directly.

Section 2: When the Settings program opens, click on the ‘Personalization’ option on the left hand side.

Section 3: Additionally, find ‘Taskbar’ tiles in the right pane. Click on it.

Step 4: Now, click on ‘Taskbar behavior’. This will open a new pop-up window and interest in this process will grow.

Section 5: Find a method that says ‘Show badges (unread messages) on taskbar applications’. Uncheck the selection box.

Section 6: Save the changes we have made so far.

And … you’re ready to go. This will disable the notification badges on your Windows 11 computer system and allow you to be free of annoying red dots. Make sure you follow these steps as closely as possible to get the results faster. We tried our best to make the steps as simple and orderly as possible. For that reason, we hope you do not have any problems when you do the same thing on your computer. This was about how to disable Notification Badges on Windows 11. Make sure you leave a comment and let us know what you want later!

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