How To Block Websites on Google Chrome [PC, Android, iOS]

Suppose you want to block websites in Google Chrome browser that you do not want your children to browse the Internet. Or, you may want to make sure that social networking sites like Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram do not interfere with your team’s productivity and work ethic. In any case, disabling a web page on a Chrome desktop or mobile phone temporarily or permanently is an easy task. Above all, it is easy to open those websites as well.

There are some websites on the Internet that are known to contain malicious content and malware on your computer. To prevent accidental opening of such pages, one of the best ways is to permanently block the pages in the Google Chrome browser. Consider one of the options below, depending on your needs.

How to Block Websites on Google Chrome Web Browser

There may be several ways to block pages on Google Chrome to create a secure environment in your home or workplace. Unfortunately, not all methods are perfect and may not work the way you want them to.

To make things easier for you, we’ve selected the following ways to block major websites or unnecessary websites in Google Chrome. We will let you know how you can do the same in the step-by-step tutorial below.

Step 1: Block Websites on Google Chrome Using a Third-Party Add-on (Desktop / Laptop)

Using this method, you can block a particular page or group of pages from being accessed when you use Google Chrome on your computer. Block Site is a free add-on browser available in the Google Chrome Web Store that can help you solve your problem.

Block Site – Chrome Page Blocker: Block Site is an additional website blocking method that allows you to block websites based on the parameters you specify. This add-on allows you to not only focus on and improve productivity by quickly banning any harmful or malicious websites.

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How to Launch Disable Web Upload on Google Chrome Desktop

  1. Go to the Block Site extension page located on the Chrome Web Store from Pano.
  2. Click on Add to Chrome button at the top right of the page.How to Block Websites in Google Chrome

  3. As soon as you need it Add to Chrome, you will see a pop-up window appear which summarizes what is being added. If you are satisfied with your choice, click the button Add more button in this window to add extensions to your Chrome browser.How to Launch Disable Web Upload on Google Chrome Desktop
  4. With your download, you will see a new image appear in the right hand corner of your Chrome browser. Make sure the image appears to ensure that the add-on is properly configured.How to block pages on Google Chrome Browser
  5. Now go to the page you want to block. Open the page in Chrome, click the orange shield icon to the right of the browser, and click Block this page.How to Block Websites in Google Chrome
  6. You will now be unable to access the page you selected. You have successfully blocked the page. To open the page, click on the icon at the top right and click on it Edit the list of block pages.

    How to Block-Websites-on Google-Chrome-1

  7. Each of your banned pages will have “removal”Image on the right – click the delete button, and your page will open.
How to Block Websites on Chrome

Note: Basically, this is a free add-on browser available in the Chrome Web Store, but the premium version may turn off security removal which means that no other user other than the administrator can uninstall this browser add-on.

How to Block Websites in Google Chrome Android (Mobile)

If you enjoy playing online using Chrome on an Android phone or tablet, you may want to block other disruptive websites to increase your productivity.

Remember Block Site upgrade the desktop browser we discussed above in this article? On mobile devices, this upgrade is an app on the Play Store that you can download. Here’s how to use cell phone to block Chrome websites on your smartphone:

  1. Your Android phone comes with a built-in app called Google Play – also known as Play Store. Open Google Play and search for BlockSite (all-in-one words), as shown below.How to Block Websites in Google Chrome Android (Mobile)
  2. When you download the app, turn on the icon when it appears on your phone.
  3. Open the BlockSite app on your phone and click “Go to settings”He was told. The app will take you to the settings of your phone app. You need to allow the app to start monitoring your Chrome browser and block websites you do not want to see.How-To-Disable-Websites-in-Google-Chrome-Android-Mobile
  4. With the BlockSite app, go back to the app and click green + image on the right hand corner of your Android mobile phone. This will open a page where you can close a page or mobile app by typing in the name of everything you are looking for. See image below; papa Website or Software setting the type of items you want to ban.
  5. Enter the full link for the page you want to close and you will see a green to the right of your mobile phone available. Click on it, and you will be able to successfully block the page.How to Block Websites in Google Chrome Android Mobile 1
  6. In the next window that appears on your phone, you will be able to modify or remove websites and apps from your restricted list at any time.

You are now ready to close websites in the Google Chrome browser on your desktop or Android.

Step 2: Block websites on the router

You can block websites in the Google Chrome browser by adjusting your router settings. This will apply to all devices connected to your network.

  1. Connect to your router by typing in the default address in your browser window. The default address is different for different routers but usually or
  2. Depending on the router of the company you are using, check Filter Link, Parental Authority, or Fire extinguishers in settings under the Security, Parental Control, or Firewall tab.
  3. URL filters allow you to add URLs to any page you want to block. The Parental Controls section gives you the opportunity to close websites on Google Chrome and specify a time when the internet can be accessed. Firewall settings allow you to block websites by entering a URL. Most routers will have one of these features in Settings.
  4. Follow the instructions, save the settings and restart the router to make the changes take place.

Note: Save the settings of your router before proceeding with this process.

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