How COVID-19 made Canada comfortable with marginalizing 3.7 million people

The Vax Divide: ‘You may think you are following those who have not been cut by forks and flashlights and you can get help with this’

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If you are an older Canadian who has not received the COVID-19 vaccine, you are not allowed to work in any state. According to federal law, hundreds of undocumented police officers, health workers, bus drivers, and firefighters were placed on unpaid leave before Christmas strictly prohibited based on Employment Insurance.


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You are locked out of all groups of people. You may not be able to board a commercial plane or take a train. In many places, you are not allowed to enter restaurants, gymnasiums, movie theaters or swimming pools. In Quebec, you just banned from the state liquor store.

And through it all, you have caused people to be so despised that they are better off to be criminals and criminals. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called you “racist” and “insulting” in a September TV conference. Quebec Prime Minister François Legault called it “a burden” on health deserving of punishment . International op-eds are inviting you to be taken to the hospital front door if you are ill.


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Two years of the COVID-19 epidemic, one of the unintended consequences is that Canada was quickly liberated with the idea of ​​isolating millions of people when it comes to accepting government-sponsored medical treatment. While stricter measures threaten the survival of non-vaccinated non-vaccinated people, critics warn that it has not been difficult to identify those who have not been vaccinated.

I worry that the best course we have for health care can never be cured

Medical expert Kerry Bowman

“I’m concerned that the medical procedures we have are going to be treated,” said Kerry Bowman, a medical specialist at the University of Toronto. “Against this group where we do not know who or what they think, I think it is bad.”

Punishment is not one of the most popular politics in the country right now, according to a survey.


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A Maru Public Opinion survey this week found that 60 percent of Canadians prefer a tax penalty for those who do not attend. In November, uncircumcised Canadians were laid off, according to the Angus Reid Institute. research found that 70 percent of the country was happy to see them go.

It is also true that vaccinated people in Canada are one of the major factors contributing to the country’s problem of overcrowding and delays in surgery. “Medical services would not be burdened or nearly overwhelmed if we had a vaccine,” Peter Junius, head of Ontario’s science desk, told CTV last week.

In Ontario, of the 372 COVID-19 patients who have been in the main hospital since Friday, 45 percent have no vaccine .


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This week, after Quebec announced it was offering “medical” medical care for non-emergency medical services, some future doctors urged people to sympathize with Quebecer civilians who are fitted with air fresheners without firing.

Two doctors told La Presse this week that their patients who have not been vaccinated with COVID-19 include people who live in isolation, who do not have internet access, who are severely mentally ill and sometimes who cannot speak English or French.

“What scares me is that when I read that we should not treat these people … it leaves people who are already suffering,” said Montreal physician Marie-Michelle Bellon.


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Canada is here one of the most vaccinated countries in the world . Of Canadians 12 years of age or older, it is amazing and 90.57%. he injects a little or enough. The remaining 10 percent – a group of about 3.7 million people – are Canadians who did not follow.

Sajjad Fazel, a public health researcher in Toronto, told the National Post that the uncircumcised belong to two main groups. The first is the skeptical vaccine; those who either do not know science or may have good “many” reasons for medical skepticism. The second group are extremists and extremists of “anti-vaxxers” who “deliberately ignore science.”


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Fazel said, “policies should ensure that we do not punish unnecessarily for those who are skeptical of vaccinations.”

It is the anti-vaxxers who have come to dominate the Canadian image of the uncircumcised, especially after the autumn protests when vaccinators banned hospital admissions across the country. It is this group that Trudeau points to told a press conference in Quebec in September for Canadian elections “do we tolerate these people?

But Canada’s 3.7 million undisclosed figures refer to a group with low-income Canadians, newcomers and minority ethnic groups. A July study by the Black Opportunity Fund, for example, found 20 differences in vaccine prices among black Canadians and the general population.


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“What worries me in the short term is that we are receiving the light of our political leaders to judge very harshly even though we do not have all the facts,” Bowman said.

In the same way human systems are coming to the United States. Last month, the US Census Bureau he concludes that the average American uncircumcised American had a much higher chance than the average uneducated, poor and disabled person. It seems that most people were talking about the vaccine for the simple reasons that “they had difficulty seeing, hearing, remembering, walking, or climbing stairs.”

Like almost every health worker, Bowman is a strong advocate for the benefits of the vaccine. But he also said that the health system in Canada has been based on the idea of ​​providing inpatient care, whether it is overweight, homeless or addictive.


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“There is nothing wrong with this as soon as we start judging people,” he said.

Following the announcement of the Quebec tax on uncircumcised, McGill University psychologist Phoebe Friesen told Reuters that it would make sense to start taxing the obese people.

“If you want to be consistent and clear, you have to pay people of all races to be hospitalized if it is a behavior that is ‘responsible’,” he said.

Maxwell Smith, professor of bioethics at the University of Western Ontario, does not take the issue of “sloping” when it comes to Canada a bizarre approach to the uncircumcised.

“Even those who support the use of methods such as official masking, vaccination status, and vaccination passports find them to be frustrating,” he told the National Post via email.


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Smith added that Canada is still in the midst of an epidemic that has already killed 30,000 people. Take away the risk of a “serious medical crisis” and “I can’t imagine a similar approach to treatment,” he said.

If the global events affected by COVID are a sign, however, Canada may not have been the ones to punish for not having a vaccine.

Greece has already paid a monthly fee of US $ 113 to more than 60 citizens who refuse vaccination. French President Emmanuel Macron enthusiastically announced that he wanted to separate people who had not been taken to any entertainment. “Without vaccination, I want to make them angry, and we will continue to do this – until the end,” he said . In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte began in 2022 and threatened the uncircumcised Filipinos. and imprisonment .


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In Quebec, meanwhile, lawmakers could say their firm approach is already bearing fruit. Just hours after announcing the tax to uncircumcised, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dube announced that a vaccination campaign had taken place. he ascended to answer . He said the same thing after the district had already started closing down liquor outlets for people who were not vaccinated.

Said Bowman, “You can say you just follow those who are not cut with forks and flashlights and you can be helped with it.”

Canada Vaccination and Number

Canadian Qualifications 5 and above uncircumcised (zero level): 12%

Eligible Canadians 5 years of age or older in each state and district who are not vaccinated:

Alberta: 15.8%

Saskatchewan Region: 14.1%

Manitoba: 12.6%

Ontario: 12.5%

BC: 11.6%

Rate: 11.6%

Quebec: 10.2%

New Brunswick: 9.7%

Yukon: 9%

Nova Scotia: 8.4%

Prince Edward Island: 7.2%

Northwest Territories: 5.6%

Newfoundland and Labrador: 2.5%

Uncircumcised men (since Jan. 8): 18.3% (total)

Uncircumcised women (as of Jan. 8): 16% (of the general population)

The proportion of those who were not circumcised by age:

5-11: 60.5%

12-17: 13%

18-29: 14.3%

30-39: 12.2%

40-49: 10%

50-59: 11%

60-69: 4.3%

70-79: .05%

80-89: 0%

Source: Covid-19 Tracker Canada ; Public Health Agency in Canada



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