How business owners can use Windows 11 to increase hybrid work efficiency & productivity

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Prior to the plague, the harvest and working in the office seemed inconsistent. Managers and HR management teams often prefer employees to be on the job to better fulfill their responsibilities and alternatives.

Now even though we have a fixed idea called hybrid function, and it is an idea that many companies are beginning to adopt — or realize they need to get used to soon.

Glossary: Mixed type of work is a complex way to achieve better working life and flexibility. Employees spend their working hours sometimes at home, in a remote area, office, or workplace.

That is why there is a great need for companies to use the right tools, platforms and other resources to not only work, but to grow.

This is a constant requirement for that Acer he knows better, so he plans to take advantage of the new Windows 11 system to meet these needs.

Released on October 5, Windows 11 has already been selected for its redesigned theme, better multi-view functionality, touch-up interface, and a revived Store with more Android apps to look forward to.

With these new and innovative features, Windows 11 is introducing Microsoft’s evolution and the question that remains is: so why would this recent release be so effective for a diverse workforce?

Answers that any mixed staff can appreciate

Acer for sale comes with Windows 11 from November 9th in the future, which is why they are conducting an upcoming webinar to provide answers.

Named “Acer business communication: Grow your business“, this webinar seeks to help users, especially businesses, increase productivity and enhance their Acer skills.

In an effort to help businesses deploy Windows 11 and its support systems, Acer has incorporated specialized business professionals in their event to share business tips and tricks.

Some examples of group speakers are:

  • Erik Van Den Engel, a professional specialist in Regional Marketing Management, a position he has held for 8 years at Acer.
  • Chan Weng Hong, General Manager of Acer Malaysia with over 20 years in IT.
  • Calvin Tan, Marketing Specialist at Microsoft Malaysia for almost 4 years.
  • David Chen, Director of Pan Asia Pacific Business, Management Department, Acer Inc. (HQ).

With over 30 years of experience together, these professionals are well-trained and competent in their respective fields.

How to sign up for Acer’s free webinar

Interested parties can sign up for the webinar Pano in writing all the essentials.

Date: December 2, 2021

Time: 10:00 AM – 12:15 PM

This great event will bring together like-minded people who appreciate productivity, safety, durability, and reliability, to learn from group speakers. The Q&A section allows interested parties to look for ways to improve the growth and management of their businesses.

In addition, there will be a lucky draw for participants to win special prizes such as Acerpure Cozy, Acerpure purifier, and TravelMate P4.

  • Registration for Acer x Windows 11 webinar Pano and know more about Acer Pano.

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