House of Gucci Saves Time by Cutting Out Some Guccis

Gucci House and a glorious story, full of family strife, following the plots and alliances of Aldo Gucci (Al Pacino) with his son Paolo Gucci (Jared Leto), and Aldo’s brother Rodolfo Gucci (Jeremy Irons) with his son Maurizio (Adam. ). It’s a complicated, twisted movie, but the real story is original, bizarre and confusing.

In fact, Aldo Gucci did not have a single son – he had three.

Two of Aldo Gucci’s sons, Giorgio Gucci and Roberto Gucci, are nowhere near in the film, though through them, like Paolo and Maurizio, they shared a very special role. It is said that writing and killing your loved ones, and photographer Roberto Bentivegna made a ruthless decision – but very rewarding – to put this on the cousins ​​Paolo Gucci and Maurizio Gucci.

Bentivegna claims to have cut several members of the family in the name of moving the plot. In addition to cutting Giorgio and Roberto Gucci, he also gave Maurizio a daughter instead of two. He stands for his choices.

“I was reading this morning’s comment, ‘Why didn’t the two girls get one?’ And he seemed to be picking up all the inconsistencies between the real story and the script, “he said MovieMaker. “Like, lady, it’s called screenwriting. It’s called a drama. It’s called taking liberty. You just have to put all the things aside and just use the story and be like, Well, I’m trying to figure out what to get out of this, and what decision would be the most helpful you could make, to tell this story. what do you want to say

He added: “There were many balls in the air. There are so many characters I have had to make a decision to choose which I want to put in the script, which is a bit tricky. But yes, I think it’s important to understand the difference between the fictional story we’re talking about, and obviously the real events that happened. ”

Mu Gucci House, a boring Sara Sara Gay Forden book review Gucci House established, Paolo and Maurizio have some very interesting arcs of the third generation of Gucci. (The company was founded by Guccio Gucci, who had six children, including Aldo and Rodolfo. Aldo built Gucci into a kingdom, while Rodolfo, a former actor, contributed greatly to his beauty history.)

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In the film, the division between the two parts of the family becomes easier: Two brothers, Aldo and Rodolfo, each owning half of the company. Paolo and Maurizio can look forward to receiving the inheritance of their father as long as they continue to do what is right. (Damage Warning: They do not.)

One online resources he called Gucci House “confusing,” and these comments are misleading – literally, Gucci House is the simplest kind of bonkers absolutely, stupidly confusing and confusing that happened in real life. Instead of confusing reality, a Gucci House filmmakers, under the direction of director Ridley Scott, cleverly wrote a 544-page book that did an excellent job of explaining decades of family conflict.

Although the film is about the revolt of Maurizio and Paolo Gucci, in reality Giorgio was the first of his Guccis generation to rebel against the family business. Forden writes that Giorgio “angered his father and uncle Rodolfo in 1969 when he decided to open his own shop, Gucci Boutique,” which served younger customers more than Gucci’s big business at the time. Aldo called him “a black sheep in the family. He has just gotten out of the boat and into the boat, and he is back! ”

He was later reintroduced into the fold, with several relatives vying for his place as the black sheep.

As Forden explains in his book, through the deaths and other difficulties, by the 1970s Aldo and Rodolfo became the sole owners of the company. Aldo chose to divide his shares among his three children, giving 3.3 percent to Giorgio, Paolo and Roberto.

As Forden writes, “He acted as a generous and just man, never regretting giving up his ruling power. Each of his sons could now join Rodolfo to make up 53.3 percent of the family group meeting.

Subsequent years included endless tactics in which one or more Gucci tried to form a family alliance to succeed. Matters came to a head — one of the most difficult times — at a 1982 convention meeting when Paolo sought to obtain company records, and then he pulled out a tape recorder to record his relatives’ answers.

Forden writes that Giorgio ran to the camera, Aldo ran to the table to Paolo, Maurizio grabbed Aldo by the head for fear that Paolo might attack Aldo and Giorgio, and Paolo ran out of the Gucci store, bleeding profusely and shouting at customers, “Just look at this! of the Gucci board! He wanted to kill me! ”

Obviously, you will not see Adam Driver locked Jared Leto in the head to defend Al Pacino Gucci House – because Giorgio Gucci, the owner of Gucci who caused a number of violence, does not Gucci House.

Instead of violence and drama, Gucci House It’s a rare Hollywood film that emerges from a vicious battlefield, proving to be the story of the whole.

What about Roberto Gucci, another son of Aldo, who has not been named? He never started arguing about being the black sheep of the Gucci family. According to Forden, Paolo nicknamed him “Il Prete” or “Priest” because he was obedient and respected his parents. He became the father of a family with six children and maintained a limited reputation.

You can see all of our conversations with Roberto Bentivegna on apple or Spotify or here.

Gucci House is now in the exhibition area.

Big picture: Lady Gaga stars as Patrizia Reggiani in Ridley Scott’s Gucci House, Metro film Goldwyn Mayer Pictures. Photo courtesy: Fabio Lovino.

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