Homeless woman outmanoeuvred by Leitrim County Council.

‘M’ is not the only person living in poverty in Carrick. He is the one who has had the courage to take on the role of government officials, silence on TV and the onset of bad weather.
By Councilor Des Guckian

I am (mostly) an Independent Carrick-on-Shannon County Councilor. I refused
to participate in the great partnership that exists in the Council which oversees the selection, allocation and removal of land, as well as the various forms of essential services, the delivery of justice on a daily basis. I will not turn a blind eye to injustice.

In mid-September, I was told by a very interested person that a woman (I will call M) was having a hard time sleeping on the streets of Carrick-on-Shannon. The next report I received was that he had indicated he was homeless at Leitrim Housing on 17 September. He was not well received and was immediately told to return to Dublin. This was despite the fact that he had proof of his authenticity in Finglas. A similar eviction occurred a few days later.
What convinced me that this was truly unjust was the fact that M grew up in Carrick and attended school there. The reason is a native of County Leitrim. He is a member of the Traveller team.

According to Focus Ireland, the second half of 2020 was the first quarter when the number of homeless people outnumbered the homeless since this was first published in 2014.

Many councils were keen to eradicate homeless people from the streets during COVID, but not Leitrim.
If the council refuses to provide emergency housing,

He was forced to sleep on the streets of the town. This is fraught with dangers. I have written many emails to the Council House department that M may be attacked, may die of hypothermia, and be at risk for psychological problems. I also pointed out that there was a tragic event, in Carrick, where homeless people fell asleep.

All of this was ignored by the media, council officials and the general public. I asked the authorities at the Kingdom Hall about the homelessness in our area. The stock answer was that
anyone who appeared to be homeless was cared for. I argued that M was making a clear case
a lie about this.

At a general council meeting in September, two other councilors asked questions about the issue
homelessness. The answers given by House officials were on the lines “We do
good work. “In other emails, I was told that National Department of Housing funds are available to help the Council pay for most of the damage.

It turned out that, for years, Leitrim had no emergency accommodation and we had been demolishing the homeless in Sligo City. It is a logical conclusion that Sligo benefited from the proceeds of the homeless as well as their own. It took a long time for Leitrim Housing to acknowledge that they were avoiding hard work and other costs.

On September 22, M accompanied Simon the employee as he handed himself over to the House office. Once again he was rejected. M made it clear that he would not be forced to leave Carrick and went back to sleep with difficulty. I wrote to the Minister of Housing Darragh O’Brien, to the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission and Pavee Point.
Nothing good came out of it, though Pavee told me he had written to Leitrim Housing twice,
but he did not get anywhere.

I suggested, in case M, the Carrick Municipal meeting of 18 October before. Councilors surrounded the wagon, and my fellow councilors were devastated. I thought that something had happened, when, that same afternoon, the Council’s Traveling Coordinator visited M and promised to help. It was a false dawn and
He spent many days in the streets.

In early November, the Council found accommodation for M in a dormitory, in Carrick, for only four nights a week, but was ashamed to move on the weekend to allow the owner to take care of the chickens and deer. it has been everywhere in Lethim.

At the Council Budget meeting I made a request for the funds to be set aside
to provide a hostel, in Carrick, to provide emergency accommodation for the homeless. Organization
The authorities were able to break this with the help of a coalition and that was not the case
has been mentioned in the press in the press conference.

Ironically, the budget alone was to provide € 142,113 for “Homeless Service”, but a total of € 444,611 for “Veterinary Service”. The latter, I was told, included a shelter for the dogs. I mentioned that we could offer dog shelter, but not homeless people. I told the authorities that if M died on the streets, they would be prosecuted.

Later that day, Council officials told M they had offered her a B & B apartment far away from Ballinamore, but if she lived on the streets of Carrick, it would be her responsibility.

M lives on the streets of Carrick. The council officials simply washed his hands of him. I am
he is not the only person living in poverty in Carrick. He is the one who has had enough courage
take government officials, silence on television and the onset of bad weather to highlight its needs and human rights.

Leitrim County Council stated: “It is Leitrim’s policy not to comment on any cases. However, if a person appears to be homeless, they are illuminated and, if necessary, temporary accommodation is provided through the provision of B&B accommodation. denying access to emergency accommodation ”.

Personally, I am amazed that council officials have been so cruel to one another. One month before Christmas in modern Ireland, there was no room for a guest house.

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