Holiday Gift Guide for photographers [2021 Edition]

Every year I receive messages from family and friends asking for advice on recording equipment. And I understand why. As with buying a PC, buying a camera can be a daunting prospect for those who are unfamiliar with technology.

In the last five years, cameras have come a long way. With what is happening and technology advancing continuously, it is impossible to make the same cameras as last year.

For example, just five years ago, when I was working as a professional photographer, I never thought of using a camera without a mirror. Today, glassless cameras are among the most sought after by both lovers and professionals.

So this year I have partnered with Nikon to share a gifted guide for the best camera equipment. I write my ideas on paper – online – to create a simple way to connect with your loved ones. Whether they are newcomers or already professionals who want to upgrade their equipment, these are the cameras and glasses that can appeal to this holiday season.

Nikon Z fc

This is the camera I have been waiting for all my life.

The Nikon Z fc It is also capable of reshaping the mechanical feel of FE company film cameras in digital format. For anyone who misses the ISO setting experience with shutter speed and physical dials, p Z fc offers all the benefits of a glassless camera while bringing a nice dopamine rush with every shutter click.

Nikon’s Z fc is an amazingly lightweight camera considering its metal design, making it ideal for those who like to take their camera wherever they go. The small design and the lost lens means you can easily put it in a pocket or pocket, and a solid strap helps keep you from worrying every time you cross the street.

And while I believe that cameras should be invisible to their own people, this is a camera that should be monitored by its appearance. The silver body emits FM and FE cameras from Nikon’s past, but leather wraps are offered in a variety of colors ranging from black and amber brown to coral pink, making for a beautiful, modern touch. It’s sleek and compact, and it sounds great to use.

But don’t think that everything is stylish and nothing. The Z fc has the new Nikon Z-Mount on top of the full CMOS sensor. I will leave you a technical term, but Z fc it gives an amazing picture, even in the lightest of places. ISOs can mount up to 51,200, and even if you don’t need to push too high, it means the camera can take dark photos without adding a lot of noise to the image.

It is also worth mentioning Z fc it has 4K video up to 30fps with an output camera. If the artist in your life is also interested in video, this is a great choice, thanks to the excellent autofocus that keeps your eyes sharp at all times.

Whose camera is this?

The Nikon Z fc is a great camera for artists who want to add fun to their work. The body of the machine makes it feel like you are shooting a movie, and the light body makes the camera stay on top of you all the time. If an artist in your life wants a beautiful camera that offers the best photos and videos, Nikon Z fc is their camera.

Buy Nikon Z fc for $ 1,199.00 (save $ 100)

Nikon Z50

Nikon Z50

This is the camera that can spark your love of photography.

It’s only 395 grams, Nikon From 50 and a glassless camera that is small but powerful. Instead of getting your loved one point-and-shoot that takes all the fun out of recording memories, give them a clear-looking glass that is easy to use, but takes pictures that shoot their phone camera in the water.

Despite its size, a From 50 it offers a lot of power and an amazing amount of material. From the ultimate 120fps slow motion video to camera transitions and wireless sharing, From 50 and a social media camera.

The 20.9-megapixel sensor produces high-resolution low-resolution images, even in lightweight environments. And the color scheme of the camera makes shooting fun a breeze. Whether you want to paint your photos blue or shoot black and white, with From 50 allows you to view your shot in Electronic Viewfinder before taking the picture.

Whose camera is this?

The Nikon From 50 and an excellent camera for photographers and animators at the entry level. Thanks to its slim body and powerful camera switching capabilities, the Z 50 provides the necessary power to create amazing things you don’t need to understand the whole minutiae. If an artist in your life wants to know more about photography, this is their camera.

Buy the Nikon Z 50 for $ 999.99 (save $ 100)

Nikon D850

Nikon D850

This is the camera that can take your recording to some degree.

When it comes to professional photography, DSLRs continue to be the preferred cameras for most artists. They are fast, durable, flexible, and reliable. And when it comes to DSLRs, not many match the type Nikon D850.

With 45.7 megapixels, 7fps continuous shooting, 4K video, and one of the largest ISO models on any DSLR, this is the ideal camera for photographers who do not want to miss a proper shot.

Unlike the cameras on the list so far, it is Nikon D850 and a camera for the whole frame. This means a number of things. The image will not be cut — it will capture the entire picture from the lens. The sensor captures more light, making it a bit lighter and more precise. And the larger size allows for deeper imagery, creating a beautiful bokeh.

If you are a photographer you are buying for shoot photos, the D850 they use a 153-point autofocus feature to ensure that their shots are focused on each frame. If they are taking pictures with events such as events, continuous shooting allows them to hold the screen and record after shooting without the need to raise a finger. With seven photos taken every second, they will be able to take the one photo they always want.

And for nature artists out there, it is Nikon D850 it is bound to every culture. A period of printing, solid construction, and software development, and D850 it’s as good in the desert as it is in a wedding setting. The camera is capable of capturing time-lapse videos in an amazing 8K format as well as adjusting audio output to keep it quiet at the required settings.

Whose camera is this?

The Nikon D850 and a professional and enthusiastic camera. This camera has been tested and tested repeatedly. It is one that you would love to miss out on an important shot, and that would take your film a long way. If an artist in your life is looking to move to a bigger camera without jumping to the D6, Nikon D850 and a camera for them.

Buy the Nikon D850 for $ 3,299.99 (save $ 600)


Before you go out and buy a camera, it is important to consider the glasses to buy. The camera body is as good as the stained glass.

Fortunately, Nikon manufactures the best glasses in the world.

All of the glasses mentioned below were made for Nikon Z-mount. If you do not know which glasses are compatible with your chosen camera, Nikon has the best Lens Finder on its page. You can set up your camera and see a list of all connected glasses.

Here is a list of top Z-mount glasses for the artist in your life.

Nikkor Z 35mm f / 1.8 S

Nikkor Z 35mm mandala

There are two essential lenses. One of them is 35mm.

Top lenses are lenses that have a fixed length. While it may not be easy when you want to look closely at a distant object, it helps with its speed. The Nikkor Z 35mm f / 1.8 S with high-speed lenses, providing a deep depth of beautiful bokeh, and bright images thanks to its large hole.

If an artist in your life is interested in street painting, 35mm is their lens.

Buy the Nikkor Z 35mm f / 1.8 S for $ 949.99 (save $ 150)

Nikkor Z 50mm f / 1.2 S

Nikkor Z 50mm mandala

Another important lens is 50mm.

Each artist must have a 50mm prime in their equipment, and Nikkor Z 50mm f / 1.2 S that’s the real reason. Very few glasses have a hole of f / 1.2, which means that this is one of the brightest mirrors around, but a height of 50mm also makes it one of the best glasses in the world. This is the well-known lens of many artists around the world, due to its versatility and speed.

If an artist in your life is interested in photography, 50mm is their lens.

Buy Nikkor Z 50mm f / 1.2 S for $ 2,599.99 (save $ 200)

Nikkor Z 70-200mm f / 2.8 VR S

Nikkor Z 70-200 mandala

In the case of the zoom lens, it is Nikkor Z 70-200mm f / 2.8 VR S it’s hard to beat. Ideal for drawing on games and events such as weddings, the lens offers great colors without compromising the color of the images. The VR in the name stands for Vibration Reduction, a technique that can help you stabilize your shot, allowing you to take still images even when you are close to 200mm.

If an artist in your life is interested in adventure or natural photography, 70-200mm is their lens.

Buy Nikkor Z 70-200mm f / 2.8 VR S for $ 3,199.99 (save $ 200)

Nikkor Z 14-24mm f / 2.8 S

Nikkor Z 14-24mm mandala

For landscape designers, 14-24mm lenses are an essential part of their equipment. But lenses have many other uses. I usually keep a mirror in my side so that they can draw pictures, fashions, and architectural drawings. And the Nikkor Z 14-24mm f / 2.8 S is one of the best glasses right now. Even with a small hole, the lens still has surprisingly sharp edges and a slight twist to the lens distortion.

If an artist in your life is interested in space or photography, 14-24mm is their lens.

Buy Nikkor Z 14-24mm f / 2.8 S for $ 2999.99

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