Heat Vision’s Top 10 Movies of 2021

Another year of movie scandal has passed, and it looks like there is more to watching than ever before. But it is often like a filler. Where are the good, inspiring, dreamy things? Don’t we want more of this?

One of the things most filmmakers did this year was to rely heavily on the idea of ​​the power of the evictees, their relationships, their struggles, their tarnished reputation that makes them shine. It is an idea that many would agree with and in some ways, most of us are sick or trying to stay healthy, maybe we all feel we need in these times, to seek the connections we can.

Let’s see what is good …

10. Green Knight
A24 movies

We will admit that we were a little WTF with this, based on a 14th-century poetry based on three-dimensional, confusing and confusing Arthurian myth with little help from CliffsNotes. It is Knight’s wish with Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, Sarita Choudhury, Joel Egerton, Barry Keoghan and Ralph Ineson supporting, but in the hands of filmmaker David Lowery, who continues to star in the 1970s films in his career, it is fantastic. fiction of elders, meditation on death, inheritance, pride and courage.

9. Evil

Vision, magical connections, unimaginable childhood friends, horrific murders, demonstrations, Hammer Studios fog, mountain gyms, cemeteries, and kitchen sinks, James Wan throws anything he can’t use in production. Big, big-budget movies in this self-made way, New Line Cinema – a terrific release that makes him feel comfortable. He is a user and a soap operator, and Wan’s total intelligence reached 11.

8. Last night in Soho
Courtesy of Parisa Taghizadeh / Focus Features

The most ambitious and sophisticated work from Edgar Wright, a filmmaker in the background Son of Driver and Shaun of the Dead, Soho brings back to life the 1960s London (or the memory we remember) in a high-quality movie that is a story about ghosts, a temporary walk, a deadly mystery. It’s a deceptive approach supported by stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomasin McKenzie, who are filming the film with their performances.

'Dune' Fremen7. Dune

Yes, it is half the movie. Yes, it is. But how half. Only a handful of filmmakers do as well as Denis Villeneuve, working hard to turn Frank Herbert ‘s sci-fi into a solid sci-fi book. There is a “roller coaster ride” of the movie that the studio would have done with the story – and ruined everything about it – but Villeneuve remains faithful to where he comes from and can be true to himself, making more. Villeneuve film that retains the attention of the masses as it portrays a form of deep and clear film production.

6. Riders of Righteousness

This Danish comedy drama, now running on Hulu, may seem like a bit of a joke or a bit of a joke, but it’s all Danish, true. Mads Mikkelsen plays a stoic soldier who is forced to come home from the Middle East because his wife was killed in a train accident. Now he has to deal with his grief-stricken daughter, who hates his gut, and with great frustration, with the oddball loser geek team who claim his wife’s death was no accident, and he has a way to prove it. Now he must find out who is responsible. I’m not sure how the American studio will deal with the final remake but the film works because of how it avoids easy retrieval of the video, blurry and painful, past and present, and shows the relationship between Mikkelsen and Andrea Heick Gadeberg, who plays his daughter, m ‘an honest refreshing approach.

5. The Mitchells vs The Machines
Courtesy of SPAI / Netflix

Whipsmart and runner-up artists Phil Lord and Chris Miller are both featured in the Sony Animated Photos, released by Netflix. The plot focuses on a dysfunctional, uncontrollable family that becomes the only hope for humanity as a hot and unruly machine (and its weapons) ignites users and initiates a robot apocalypse. The video gives lead writers Michael Rianda and Jeff Rowe the opportunity to tackle humorous situations that make fun of modern consumer culture, but with the two underlying ideas we have had: 1) the father-daughter relationship in the movie theater. , and 2) are embraced by talented or oppressed people who do not feel well but find their relatives.

4. Henry of old
Courtesy of ShoutFactory

Yes, it has traps the Europeans have seen before – a humble old man who wants to be left alone but secretly with a gun, the trouble that comes, hitting a gun – but in the hands of the author – Director Potsy Ponciroli, these items are given new shoes through the details of timeliness and distortion of history is a definite, measurable method. What makes the film even more challenging is the performance of Tim Blake Nelson, who is moving forward from helping the player to the lead, and giving his tired farmer life and grief.

3. Shang-Chi is the legend of ten rings
Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Marvel movies sometimes work well as a family drama and this one, about a son who has to recount his father and the life he left behind years ago, is exciting and new because of the passion that filmmaker Daniel Cretton and actor Tele Liu bring. We receive a bag of Marvel Cinematic Universe that is unmistakable and culturally rich, we find one of the best MCU video games, and we find one of the worst MCU characters thanks to Tony Leung’s gravitational power. Marvel annual video.

2. Suicide Squad
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures / DC Comics

James Gunn shoots into the atmosphere of DC burning rifles and permanent restructuring of lost people (or as the film calls them, “useless idiots”) forced to do missions that would never happen. The filmmaker outlines expectations and rules in the process. Gunn organizes abusive jokes, blood-curdling reactions and human drama and from the heart-wrenching moments, pulls a carpet under the spectators at each show. Group it provides solid images, a clear transformation, brings us to the best Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) yet, and gives us the tragic of Polka Dot Man (David Dastmalchian). Comic Book of the Year films.

1. Nightmare Alley
Courtesy of 20th Century Studios

Not the obvious choice of objects, given Guillermo del Toro’s history of various creatures, but curiously, the disgust of the human heart has always been the most important thing for a filmmaker, and boy, does this one have. In his successful career, Del Toro reveals the story of the drifter and the grifter, played by Bradley Cooper, who immerses himself in a festive show, and then loses his family of stupid and stupid people when they learn business skills. . Then, he moves to the big city to ride his game, to meet his crazy game. Its design is striking, similar to that of astrologers; Cooper is a high-profile actor, David Strathairn is a very sad man, and Cate Blanchett is a murderer who left Will Eisner’s portraits.

In many of this year’s films that have shown the power and love of the exiles who are willing to admit the odd and the different, it is only fitting that a film about a man is offered that, using it, torturing it, denying it. , and they pay a terrible price. Revenge of the Nerds, of course.

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