Heads Up: Norton 360 Now Includes A Crypto Miner

If you are a gamer who runs Norton 360 on your PC – you may want to check and see if your computer is now digging into Ethereum when it is idle. The popular Antivirus / security software Norton 360 is able to allow Ethereum miner to run when your computer is empty. In addition, in addition to the subscription you pay Norton, they will also deduct your earnings – 15% of your earnings through the mining program – NCrypt.

Whereas this crypto mine has been around since July 2021, and it has not heard any news at the time. However, a January 4th Tweet from Boing Boing Co-Editor Corey Doctorow has launched an online discussion about the miner “just working.” So … I downloaded the Norton 360 and checked it out. Why, isn’t it?

First – you need to have some scripts to have “Norton Crypto” as a way to Norton 360. I put the app on two systems – one with a GPU and one without. Norton Crypto was the only way on a computer with a 3070ti installed, and even then – I had to log in and NCrypt.exe was not running until I did. In the picture above, you need to click “Show me how” under “Convert your PC’s idle time to money.”

Requirements for Norton Crypto System:

  • Graphic Card – Nvidia Cards with memory capacity of at least 6 GB
  • Processor – 1 GHz
  • RAM – 2 GB (minimum 512 MB RAM required for Recovery Tool)
  • Hard disk space – 300 MB of available space

Once you get started – the interface is not much different from what you would get from a program like NiceHash – which achieves the same purpose, even without the registration fee. It shows what you get every day and every month, as well as the amount of your hash and use of your GPU. You can also suspend it temporarily, or completely. It also stops running if you run any program that uses your GPU.

Norton Crypto Interface Screen

That said, if you want to turn it off – you can’t. You can suspend it permanently, and NCrypt.exe will remain stable / running in the background until you click “pause.”

What is NCrypt.exe?

This is a program that runs on the background, if you agree to use your computer in the mines when it is idle. Although it is not a malware – it cannot be removed as long as you have Norton 360, and even if you have Norton Crypto shutdown. The only way to get rid of NCrypt.exe is to get rid of Norton.

Can I Withdraw My Norton Crypto Money?

Yes, you can – however, it is important to note that no matter how you choose to have another wallet like Coinbase, gas prices (sales fees) are the same. So, if you do not get enough of that penalty – you can not stop. Depending on the card you have – it may be temporary.

Does Norton Crypto Run at random?

As shown by my findings above, and FAQ, Norton Crypto will not run randomly if you are running a Norton 360 on a gaming PC. You need to start it yourself before it can move.

So, if you are an athlete running the Norton 360 – hopefully, this will give you the peace of mind that your graphics card (especially in this rare world) is safe once you launch it. That said, it is important to note that this has not been possible yet … only.

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