Growth on new member’s mind

HONEY GROVE – Erik Pevey decided to run for his first political office earlier this year because he wanted to talk about how Honey Grove is reacting to the growth he sees coming in the city.

He won that freedom when he got enough votes to take one of the two aldermen seats in the city in the Nov. election. 2.

“With two new lakes coming, I hope they will bring new businesses like restaurants and RV storage,” he said.

While he is optimistic about business growth, he wants the city to continue its beauty.

He said: “I love the atmosphere in the small town.

He said the city can be cleaned up to make it more attractive to people who may be thinking of building houses in the area.

Pevey has lived in Honey Grove all his life and has no intention of leaving home.

“I was born and raised here,” she says. “I have raised my family here. I loved growing up here. ”

He previously worked as a coach at Honey Grove and Ladonia at Fannindel ISD, and now runs 18 wheels at shorter runs, he said.

He said: “Ninety-five percent of the time I come home every day.

He said his goal is to keep Honey Grove in a friendly place here, where everyone knows about everyone else.

“There are very few people I do not know here,” he said.

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