Grateful to be a part of Mid Canterbury

Karen McRae, real estate agent for Property Brokers: “We are a big working family and we all have the same values ​​and love to do more in our community.”

Let’s face it – most adrenalin buzz real estate agents are happy to sell their property to first-time buyers.

This is one of the biggest challenges that Property Brokers’ successor Karen McRae has to deal with since she entered the real estate game 17 years ago.

“I love my first customers at home,” McRae said.

“The excitement is contagious, and it makes you smile and remind you of what it is like, even if they only blow your head when you tell them to buy a house!

“There’s one buyer like that, who knows what I’m talking about.”

Screamer buyer will not be anonymous but, aloud or not, it is the people and relationships that McRae enjoys that make him work again, not sometimes.

“The trust that people put in you is also very humble. No matter how big or small the house is, it still has the same ideas.

“When customers ask you for advice and you come up with an order and the system works better than you expect, that’s a great feeling.”

It is safe to say that McRae has been mocked by the customer trust factor many times since he acquired his real estate ticket in 2005.

He has made a name for himself in Ashburton as a respected ally and an example of what happens when someone helps the community and gives them a chance.

Because back in 2002, McRae was a guest at Ashburton Property Brokers whose marketing ability was unseen and opportunities were created.

“My boss at the time thought I was the best.

“I had the opportunity to join the ranks of experienced business people, both urban and rural retailers, and I want to thank them for their enthusiasm for teaching a new student.

“I learned a lot from them.”

That’s why McRae got his chance and didn’t look back. This, in a roundabout way, is one of the reasons why they are sponsoring the Shop Smart, Shop Local campaign, which was aimed at recognizing and promoting opportunities for local people to be seen, as they spend money on local economies.

McRae knows for many businesses and families it was an important time for everyone to take the retail space and love the local ways.

“In the last 18 months or so, with Covid and the town center renovations, which look amazing, retailers and other businesses around the town have been working hard,” he said.

“That is why it is so important now to support them and other businesses in Mid Canterbury.

“Even if they are not locals, these businesses bring jobs and opportunities to the people of the Mid Cantabrian.”

There is no doubt that McRae cares a lot about his town and the great Canterbury area.

Her boyfriend lives in Rolleston, while Cam follows in her footsteps by working for Property Brokers and they will get married next month.

Her mother still lives in Ashburton and drinks coffee frequently with her mother, as well as her aunt, still one of her favorite times.

Other than that, I’m tired. Work takes up a lot of my time. ”

McRae has no watchmaker and works as long as it depends on its customers.

But in other words, he can still get into a volunteer way at the Cancer Society, which includes helping to run Relay for Life’s annual fundraiser.

Most importantly, McRae also sends Ashburton cancer patients to Christchurch for treatment after treatment, saying “it’s good to do something for people”.

“There are some people out there who are struggling with the disease and I already know what it’s like to have someone to help.

“My dad died of cancer about 18 years ago. It’s just like yesterday. ”

For McRae, I was just donating something to the town and the community that gave her the opportunity to enlighten and support her from then on.

And, he says, that is what he liked about Property Brokers where the connection was obvious.

“We are a big working family and we all have the same qualities and love to do our part in the community.”

– Author Daryl Holden

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