Government chief whip’s ‘100% behind Boris’ Tweet sparks backlash

Mark Spencer has been joined by Priti Patel in defending the Prime Minister.

Mark Spencer, MP Conservative MP for Sherwood, and the state whip say he is 100% behind Boris Johnson.

On January 12, Spencer tweeted: “PM constantly exports goods to this country. I did Brexit. Worldwide successful vaccine delivery. 400,000 more jobs than pre-Covid. Opening schools and children learning. Good rebuilding for all. Thanks for the leadership of @BorisJohnson. 100% behind it ”

The tweet has been lambasted, with readers doubting the accuracy and reliability of each point.

I am an increase in the use of a food bank up and down the earth and millions of people have to choose between heating or eating as the problem of rising cost of living worsens, one user also referred to “building better for all,” tweeting:

“True NO … Good luck to all ??? I hope there would be no food banks, no stable NHS, and people should not choose to eat or heat!

Effects of Brexit

A year after Johnson signed his post-Brexit trade agreement with the EU, the effects of Brexit are evident. The rise also includes a slowdown in trade between the UK and the EU, with companies concerned with new customs and checks, as well as empty vehicles and supermarket shelves showing how the departure from the EU has led. a perfect storm in the chain.

In view of the several difficulties of Brexit, the credibility of the “Got Brexit done” commentary on “Got Brexit done” was questioned. As a single user he wrote:

“Things are that Brexit is over but I don’t see how much we have achieved.”

The same tweets ask what Spencer said about the thousands of new jobs and how the Prime Minister responded to the epidemic, saying “What about the thousands of deaths that could have been avoided since the epidemic began? Or jobs lost over many years ), and so on…”

Another noted the inaccuracies in each point, writing:

“Brexit did not happen, it is a protocol. Vaccine management in the turmoil. Schools are open, which can be talked about by the force of masks. Return to Britain? Explain.”

Others warned Mark Spencer to help Johnson.

“You will lose your seat in the next election if you continue to follow him. I voted for you. Take care of this horse, ”he said. Dean Fisher wrote.

Priti Patel announced Johnson’s support

The chief whip is not the only well-known Tory to defend Boris Johnson publicly and is criticized for doing so.

House Secretary Priti Patel backed the PM on the Downing Street party line.

Mu a interview with Sky News Political editor Beth Rigby, Patel, said he was “supporting the prime minister” and that the work of his government was “wasting my time every day”.

The secretary of state also rejected the notion that the lack of a police investigation at a May 20 event in Downing Street may undermine public confidence in police.

“No, not at all,” he said.

A lost message to fellow Conservatives quotes Patel as saying: “Well, today the Prime Minister has apologized sincerely and taken responsibility for what happened.

“Thanks to many of Boris, the work of the Government is a priority, we continue to bring about significant changes over the years to Level Up – the NHS, security system, housing and much more.

“Now is the time to put our shoulders back and help Boris meet the needs of the People.”

Like Mark Spencer, Patel’s comments sparked criticism. Others took to Twitter to express their dissent and reminded the homeowner that he had told Sky News to do so. Call the police if its neighbors are having a party that violates the rules of coronavirus.

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