Got a new smartphone? Here are some neat apps to check out

So, you just got a new Christmas phone. Or you went to get a chance on Boxing Day because you didn’t get a cell phone. Or you may not even celebrate Christmas. The fact is, you have a new phone in your hand and you are wondering: what are the best apps I can install on my new best phone?

Well, I have chosen Price of MobileSyrup a team of their favorite mobile apps and make a list of your ideas. Skipping popular apps – do I need to encourage you to download Twitter or Facebook? (And in this case, should you download Facebook? Probably not.)

So, without further ado, here are some ideas for the hawt app to try on your new phone, courtesy of Price of MobileSyrup.

Alto’s Odyssey

Advice by: Patrick O’Rourke

Alto’s Odyssey and follow Alto Fun, an endless running game that allows players to control Alto as they ride in various locations, such as spice. Since its inception in 2018, Odyssey and all Alto collections have grown from mobile to other platforms, giving people several options for where to play.

Also, the game looks fun and exciting. Definitely one worth checking out.

You can learn more about Alto’s Odyssey Pano.

Download: $ 6.99 at the App Store | | Free on the Play Store and in-app purchases


Promoted by: Brad Shankar

Video lovers have taken advantage of Letterboxd, a free video streaming program that you watch, vote for and chat with other movie lovers. It also has a ‘Where to view’ support section with the help of JustWatch, another video program that makes it easy to access streaming services with movies.

Download: Free on the App Store | | Free on Play Store

Notes: If you like to watch the movie, the JustWatch app it’s a good way, too.

Seasonal program

When I called for requests for this article, several people responded with thoughts of a weather program.

Things got even worse: employee journalist Karandeep Oberoi said he liked Apple’s Weather app on iOS, while telecom journalist Nida Zafar and editor-in-chief Patrick O’Rourke told The Weather Network.App Store / Play Store) that’s great.”

Staff journalist Brad Bennett came to give the idea of Carrot season, an exciting weather program that offers “fun twists” predictions (I like Carrots, but from my experience, it’s best on iOS).

My Travel has been a simple, free, free advertising program for OpenWeather (App Store / Play Store) with excellent quality, minimal and tons of additional features. OpenWeather claims that its data is used by millions of developers in the past, so there is a good chance that most of the weather you find is already coming from OpenWeather. I really like that there is an opportunity to describe the different seasons in the program if the predictions do not match.


Advised by: Karandeep Oberoi

For all of your crypto lovers, Binance operates a “world-wide exchange” with over 100 million users and over 300 cryptocurrencies.

Download: Free on the App Store | | Free on Play Store

Music app

Music download software is great. Although most people already have it, if you are thinking of upgrading or trying something new (easy to do with a new phone), staff reporter Brad Bennett has covered you.

Bennett recently set a comprehensive curve for several music editing programs. You can check them out Pano to see which one is best for you.

VSCO photo

Promoted by: Brad Bennett

VSCO is a fun, free and mobile streaming platform for mobile phones. It has many tools, filters and more that can help make your photos stand out. Additionally, if your phone can output RAW files, you can also modify the ones in VSCO.

For those who are more interested in the free brand, there is also a paid membership that can enhance your recording and much more.

Download: Free on the App Store | | Free on Play Store


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