Google Pixel “At a Glance” Starts to Get New Batch of Features

The “At A Glance” widget that Google will allow us to turn off Pixel phones at the end will do more than just show you the time and time of departure and arrival time on calendars. The previous rumors were to get a bigger list of new and existing combinations that have been released to the devices, including the Pixel 6.

Perhaps thanks to a Google app that was released earlier in the week, At a Glance options have started showing three new “items” to turn on or off. The new options are “Timer & stopwatch,” “Sleep Time,” and “Exercise.” They should be self-explanatory, but let’s talk briefly about each one.

  • Timer & stopwatch: Google records it as a reading and stopwatch information from the Clock app on your phone. We hope this means that it will bring you the latest shortcuts and previous clocks depending on how you use them.
  • Bedtime: Google describes this as the “sleep time coming from the Clock app.” For those who use bedtime, we think this is a sign that your bedtime is about to change and it may have changed.
  • Work out: In this poll, Google says it will only show “a lot of experience from your fitness program.” This should show you what has happened recently, such as running or exercising, which is information that I am not sure anyone would want there.

These are not the only things we expect. As I have said above, a previous reports had 8 new ones along the way and this is only 3. These include shopping cards or shopping lists when you go to the store, a summary of connected devices, information from other items such as your home bell, flashlight reminder, and security check. .

Here is what we wrote about 5 other things in the past:

  • In the store: If you are in a support store, you can see shopping lists, Google Pay reward cards
  • Connected devices: When Bluetooth devices are connected, they can show you the battery. I would have this widget.
  • The doorbell: You can see a notification or a shortcut to see your doorbell ring
  • Flashlight: Home reminder that your flashlight is on
  • Security monitoring: Safety calculations from the Personal Safety program

Again, I want to turn this entire area around I & # 39; re also using it with my widgets, but if Google pressures us, new features may cause us to appreciate it again.

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