Genshin Impact 2.4 Windtrace: Trips and Tricks for Rebels and Hunters

Genshin Impact 2.4 also brings Windtrace, one of the most exciting games the game has had since its inception. Mechanics cover older schools Hide and Search activities in PvP games.

Here are some tips and tricks to get your Windtrace game to a new level in Genshin Impact 2.4 and increase your rewards.

Details of Events

In the Windtrace Event, players will be divided into Hunters and Rebels. Hunters hunt, and the Rebels hide.

The Windtrace event begins January 13, 2022, ku January 27, 2022. The only requirement to participate is to have Adventure Rank 20, which is for almost all Genshin Impact players.

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Windtrace Tips and Tips

Here are some of the best ways and tips to increase your chances at Windtrace:

  • Hide in the Highlands with a beautiful view — the trees of Kujou Cam and Dawn Winery as well as the buildings above the Kamisato district are a wonderful place.
  • There are some small spaces behind the house or narrow walls. Sayu and Dionna are good to fit in in these little places.
  • Long letters can reach up and down quickly. Consider this when choosing your Hunter type.
  • Kaeya and Rosaria are talented which can help chase. Kaeya reduces Stamina intake while running, and Rosaria runs late into the night.

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  • Do not spam your Capture skills sooner or later. They have a long cooldown, and you may want them on the run around.
  • For Favor from Hunter could be game changers; however, this is a wise decision as long as there are many rebels in the game.
  • Hide in a place where you can see where the Hunter is, but be careful; too much attention can lose your game.
  • Hunters often test their skills at the beginning of the cycle. Try to find out if they choose Sensor Area or Mysterious Hunch.
    • If the hunter is using the Sensor Area, you can stay longer in the same location.
  • Transparency is more effective than Lay Bait, even sending a Hunter to a remote area to get nothing is fun.
    • Use the click on Chase Down, change lanes, and you can win.
  • Sometimes the most dangerous places are the most hidden places, so it may be time to hone your climbing skills.
  • Our lovely friend Seelie can make a lot of noise. Hunters can detect it, so remember this.
  • Avoid unnecessary moves. Don’t be afraid if Hunter is around.
    • You do not know what they are looking at.
    • If they pass unnoticed, your hiding place will be much stronger.
  • Osaka has no problem with Stamina. Make sure you use your skills wisely as a Rebel.

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The ultimate trick is to pretend to be an NPC. Sounds silly, but some of the best performances in Windtrace include people standing near the NPCs in hiding.

But the best technology at a festival like Windtrace is fun. Forget about your competition a bit and try to enjoy this event if you are still a kid, this time with the best prizes to compete!

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