Game-changing technology for a more sustainable planet

For companies and organizations around the world “green ideas” are becoming a habit and are going through all aspects of their operations. It is now expected that standard systems will be adopted from the top to the bottom of the store and that there will be an incentive to continue developing new systems that use Internet of Things (IoT). For answers to work, they need to be based on the knowledge and skills that can make a world wise and stable.

With this in mind, Semtech developed an internationally recognized methodology LoRa® a device-to-Cloud platform that provides a long, low-cost approach to IoT applications. The technology facilitates the rapid development and deployment of low-cost, low-cost and high-end IoT devices, gateways, sensors, module components and IoT functions. The key to using this technology is to establish low power wide area networks (LPWANs) on IoT machines – LoRa devices provide a way to connect to the LoRaWAN® standard.

This rate and the increasing number of products on the market are helping to make the IoT ecosystem a reality. Leaders in the sector continue to push the technical envelope to promote the spread of LPWAN connectivity – as well as, stability – around the world. Environmental companies and organizations strongly believe that setting up a range of sensors to work will have a significant impact on mitigating the effects of climate change.

Smart and secure

Semtech’s partnership with SAS, whose monitoring systems are critical to transforming data into intelligence, is an example where professional solutions create a smarter and more secure world. Together, the two companies are developing cloud-based solutions for IoT – including LPWAN connectivity and the SAS platform for IoT analytics – with the goal of speeding up the process of making smart decisions. By taking action quickly, it is possible to facilitate the implementation of IoT solutions that can address global instability and hunger as well as natural disasters. The aim is for SAS to bring AI, data management and traffic analysis to work with LPWAN solutions to make the world smarter and safer.

The closer the world is to connecting, the easier it will be to manage and protect the ecosystem and the people and the environment. In the past, advanced IoT solutions are helping to invest in smart agriculture and air monitoring, biodiversity, and energy / water conservation. In a recent report, the World Economic Forum stated that about 84% of IoT jobs are directly related to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. For example, most recent IoT cases have been related to flood prevention, power forecasting, animal health and proper farming.

To prevent flooding, many low-maintenance, low-maintenance and long-lasting LPWAN devices have been designed to connect via gateways. These tools help collect data that tests current trends and identify potential problems before disasters. Similarly, in power forecasting, LPWAN tools contribute to the development of intelligent power that enhances predictability and risk reduction while helping to better grid and public safety.

Proper cropping, LPWAN technology can help farmers to become more sustainable by monitoring the effects of crops on the environment. For example, WaterBit has developed a single irrigation system that allows farmers to measure soil moisture and irrigation at a distance. With the growth of livestock, IoT systems have led to a reduction in the environmental impact of agriculture and reduced costs and increased yields.

Other key components for LPWAN / IoT response to global warming include reducing food waste through Axino Solutions’ thermal monitoring system, protecting endangered species from predators using the Smart Parks system and changing water management to Lyon, France, a brilliant water system developed by Birdz.

Improving the wise planets we all need

By drilling in detail, the WaterBit solution has enabled one agricultural business (Devine Organics) to achieve a 5% reduction in emissions, save 750,000 liters of water and increase their yield from 800 to 1,500 pounds per acre. Devine Organics Farm Manager Jose Garcia said, “WaterBit soil research tells us where crops need more or less water, all from the WaterBit dashboard program. It allows us to control the soil and adjust the valves in the field so that we can get the right amount of water at the right time and place. ”

Currently, at Mkomazi National Park in Tanzania, a variety of location and location monitoring systems integrated with LPWAN / IoT systems – including natural light detectors, weapon detectors, GPS trackers, alarms and input detection systems – can bring animal slaughter to areas are monitored. zero. Tony Fitzjohn of George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust said, “Thanks to Smart Parks, we have learned a lot about rhino behavior on its own. We now have the most advanced real-time information on a computer that gives endangered animals a chance to escape from outside interference. ”

Axino Solutions has used low-cost sensors to monitor remotely and without disrupting food temperature, enabling food retailers to protect and protect new food to reduce waste and reduce waste. Axino Solutions CTO Ihab Hourani said: “LoRa devices were excellent. They offer low power consumption, stable security, low cost and operating costs, full battery-powered sensors, and reliable public and private functions.”

Finally, Birdz has used LPWAN / IoT technology to help Lyon save about one million cubic meters each year by detecting 1,200 water leaks and increasing water network capacity by 8%. Just imagine how such a system could affect the USA where low-income households waste about 900 billion gallons of water a year. Birdz chief Xavier Mathieu said, “Semtech’s LoRa equipment is well suited to water metering solutions due to its remote operation, low power consumption and low operating costs and the use of end-to-end machines.”

In addition to the above, the technology developed by LPWAN plays an important role in controlling the spread of COVID-19 worldwide. For example, it is used to monitor the implementation of health regulations and compliance of workplaces using proximity sensors and tracking communications. According to the World Economic Forum, 3.7 billion people worldwide have no means of communication, especially the rural population. To address this, low-cost connections are provided in remote areas using LPWAN technology in two-way communication to or from satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO).

It can be seen from all these applications that LoRa has proven itself as a great data transfer tool that enables IoT to play a key role in improving the smart environment we all need. The technology not only combines security with scalability and reliability, but also provides long-distance operating power using less power compared to other platforms.

LoRa’s Semtech tools and LoRaWAN standard are state-of-the-art game change software to push the boundaries of environment, culture and leadership (ESG). To this end, Semtech recently appointed its first ESG chief executive, who is responsible for overseeing and administering a number of alternative therapies and is just the beginning of the ongoing efforts to create a sustainable world.

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