Galaxy S22 Ultra camera specs leak says 200MP sensor isn’t in the picture

The Galaxy S22 series is due in February if the latest release is correct. But we do not have to wait long to learn everything about the new Samsung model. That’s why we already have a lot of rumors about the Galaxy S22 that have revealed a lot about the phone. We saw design differences between Ultra, Plus, and the standard Galaxy S22. And we have a a real picture of the past. The phone’s high-volume record also declined, including a change in performance. Galaxy S22 processor. It’s time to dump her and move on. “

200-megapixel camera switch

The camera is one of the best-selling smartphones, especially a device like the Galaxy S22, which competes directly with iPhone 13 and Pixel 6, only hand-held cameras.

Samsung has made a lot of impressions about the camera look of its Galaxy S model in recent years. The company continued to improve the performance of the camera on these phones to compete with the newer iPhone and Pixel models.

But Samsung is not enough for its 200-megapixel sensor inside the Galaxy S22 next year, a new model. loss he says. The census should find a way into other devices soon, with Motorola on track to take it.

Samsung unveiled a new 200-megapixel sensor a few months ago. We explained at the time that it was too early to say whether this move reflects the S22-type upgrade.

Samsung Isocell HP1
Samsung Isocell HP1 camera tech. Image source: Samsung

Pictures of the Galaxy S22 camera

Raising the megapixels in the sensor is not the only way to improve camera performance. After years of battle for megapixels, many Android device makers have come to terms with this, reducing the magnitude of the recent increase in history. However, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to have a large 108-megapixel sensor, integrated with three additional cameras.

According to Ice Universe, this is the look of the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera:

  • 108MP Adjustment of HM3 main 1 / 1.33 ″ 0.8μm F1.8 FOV 85
  • 12MP 0.6X Sony 1 / 2.55 ″ 1.4μm F2.2 FOV 120
  • 10MP 10X new Sony 1 / 3.52 ″ 1.12μm F4.9 FOV 11
  • 10MP 3X new Sony 1 / 3.52 ″ 1.12μm F2.4 FOV 36

The camera system of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is similar to the Galaxy S21 Ultra when it comes to pixel counting and apertures (number F). It’s like if the camera comments that came down above are correct.

But the loss is not enough to give us an idea of ​​the type of camera upgrade that Samsung has developed for the Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22.

As for the 200-megapixel in the previous tweet, Samsung could use it in 2023.

As a reminder, next-generation processors will have an ISP upgrade that supports such cameras. The MediaTek Dimension 9000 is capable of supporting the sensor up to 320-megapixel. Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 will also offer similar upgrades – Qualcomm will just announce next week.

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