Funganomics: Completes First Seed Round to Accelerate Develoment of Gaming & NFT Ecosystem

On November 18th, Funganomics announced that its first installment of the fund had been successfully completed, with a roundup led by a private equity firm in the United States. The money will be used to support various aspects such as software support, staff growth, technology upgrades and more, depending on the company.

Funganomics is the provider of P2E (Play for Your Benefit) preferences game platform and NFT Group. Both NFT and gaming companies have been working together lately, so Funganomics’ efforts seem justified.

So far, Funganomics has been keeping a close eye on the current state of the NFT market platform and environment. The Ethereum solution will be the first, one-of-a-kind online team that strives to bring multiple components into several industries at once, including builders, gamers to get-to-play and non-fungible investors.

According to Funganomics sponsors, while it is true that new NFT and P2E sites seem to be being launched on a daily basis, only a handful have joined a strong, dynamic and integrated team that rewards all participants regardless. it is a new way.


The market place in question is called ‘Fungatopia’. It is an integral part of the Funganomics environment, which is set up in a way that can benefit colleagues, players, colleagues and community members and help advertisers and artists to grow faster and stronger within NFT and blockchain environments.

The new platform provides comprehensive and unique information and clarity that has never been seen in all of the industry and its future plans. In short, it offers its members high-quality non-perishable tokens on a stable, secure, and easy-to-use platform, allowing them to buy and sell everything from within their environment as a member of the team, as well as externally. through other markets.

In other words, Fungatopia divides its NFTs into three distinct categories, namely ‘Visual’, ‘Audio’, and finally ‘Video’. The innovative design within the platform allows the company to grow what they believe is critical to P2E growth. In addition, by allowing NFT collectors and manufacturers to distribute and distribute their collections in addition to internal and external sales, they also bring significant value to their platform. Also, some of these features will be available immediately while others will be added to future updates.

Why fungamonics?

Funganomics is actually preparing for the next phase of this new and clearer environment, as it seeks to better address those gaps depending on user and operational impact. The whole goal of Funganomics is to address modern challenges that seem to be hampering various platforms and areas.

With that being said, the new creation will include a number of key departments that will work collaboratively, including Fungatopia (NFTs), FGS Games (P2E Gaming), and Fungality (AR / VR Experiences), all of which are here. the process of finalizing a variety of registered activities.

“Funganomics is highly competent and has the potential to offer a wide range of blockchain marketing solutions,” said Jeremy Roberts, CEO and Founder of the company. “So far, the team has already achieved a lot in terms of progress and statistics,” he said. The chief executive added that his team is now on its way to the FGS presale and downfall of the company’s NFT game through the aforementioned platform.

The sale of the Funganomics brand will take place on November 30th, with the NFT downfall due to take place on December 16. After launching the initial and unmistakable identification, Funganomics will also be considering business partnerships in an effort to accelerate its development and growth.

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