Fun with the New Ortur Aufero Laser 1 Engraver

When I started blogging for a new laser entry screen Ortur, sent to me by Zbanx, I was expecting to spend half a day collecting them together. I also thought of making a video about the meeting. Well, I was wrong – a Laser Remover 1 it comes collected – there is fresh air. I urge readers to take a look at my Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro Blogging – that (beautiful) tool took some time to set up (but it was worth it and here is my favorite painting in Spain. Here I am in the UK.

Please note, I have included links to Zbanx and Ortur above – but I am not affiliated with any of the companies.

When I say ‘collected’, I mean Laser 1 Engraver is 95% collected. Allen’s small key is provided to help connect the laser head.

There I received three chapters. You usually get one. Even the electronics are already collected and installed. The instruction manual is very important but don’t let it fool you because it links to an online book and two online videos that you can download based on links – or an easy-to-use QR code. The user manual links to the Ortur page – the two videos link to YouTube. Sounds smart.

And here, below, we have all the bits with the properly removed plastic.

Keep in mind that among the features provided that you see above are the three-dimensional laser and laser headlights, google safe, power, security, models and two tools – then there is not much you can do. this – all the work has been done in the factory.

Laser 1 guide

Like most tools of this class the Aufero Laser 1 communicates with your computer and USB which could mean that you will need a USB extender depending on where you have installed everything.

In Spain my PC is on the other side of the window – and the laser is next to the window so I can catch air. Remember that we are burning things right here so that the ventilation is VERY GOOD.

I almost said that fast-paced English is technically good when I saw how they pronounce LASER in the correct picture – but if you read this, they would have corrected the (minor) error. Other than that, it’s just fine. Note that details of all three laser modules are included in this manual.

This book explains in detail the importance of ventilation and the dangers of using lasers. Be aware that this is not the case with your small home lasers so be careful (the technique works for any laser bearer).

The lasers operate at 400-445mn and the lenses provided are designed to protect your eyes from being exposed to laser.

The online book is new (as it is made) so at the time of writing, it is more complete than a printed guide but still needs a bit of pieces.

Drawing Location: 180 × 180

Building Materials: Aluminum History + Acrylic

Board: OLM-PRO-V1.2 Motherboard, 32 Bit ESP32 MCU

Available Laser modules:
LU2-2 Laser Module – Optical Output – 1,000-1,600mw
LU2-4-SF Short Focus Laser Module – Optical Output – 4,500-5,500mw
LU2-4-LF Long Focus Laser Module – Optical Output – 4,500-5,500mw

1. Laser remover

Here is the link to unboxing video (and more) on the Ortur page – I’m glad I didn’t spend years watching a boxless video or mine. The three lasers have their own unique design – the first is the cheapest and most suitable for low-intensity drawing, the second is cutting but fine-tuned, the third is well-designed for cutting. Do not confuse the above figures with the power of INPUT, which is mentioned many times but does not work.

When it comes to software, I like to use LIGHTBURN. The free LaserGRBL also works but I like Lightburn which is very good and works with many other laser designs that I have here or have done before. With the LU2-2 laser beam replacement, I connected Lightburn to my PC via USB lead and turned on the charger. Lightburn was identified as a GRBL device with a 180mm * 180mm working area (correct). Once again at Lightburn I went to look for the FIRE button – no – it looks like it is still permanently disabled. So – in the main menu I went to EDIT – DEVICE SETTINGS, supporting the FIRE button and shutting down and re-opening Lightburn.

FIRE was now available in the MOVE category (odd place to install but exist). Before I touched that button, I looked around – there is a static power%. 0.1% is as good as any laser scanner without damaging your work bench 🙂

I dropped a simple text on the workspace using layer 0 (it’s like using Corel Draw, real but very dangerous 🙂), clicked the product and set the temperature% up to 100% with a speed of 6000mm / min. You can see the results below (first drawing). Obviously it worked for the first time – it’s the simplest setting I’ve had for an artist so far – but slow running and / or using a very powerful laser can be great. However, it is better to start slowly than to put a hole in the bench. I learned that in my Spanish office… there is a nice, black mark on the bench there. And yes, I used the green glasses that are provided.

Well, this was easy. It does not mean that I should start trying to shoot (0.1% for me) – the machine does not move – you just need to adjust the laser length manually for a small area – easy.

Using Ortur Aufero Laser 1 for the first time

So YES I tried a brief look, a very powerful LU2-4SF laser on the same setting (second “Hello there” above) – I urge you to compare the results. For lightweight woodworking I am happy with the second result as it is. No glasses are required with this laser because it has a protective component made of magnets on the ground (not knowing why it is not as green as glass).

As for burning – now for the LU-4-LF laser and it’s a monster as you can see below,

Wooden models of Aufero Laser 1 engraver

Left hole – Reducing speed to 3000mm / min was not a good idea…

Second from the left, is about half a plywood of 2mm thick… 6000mm / min, 5 to go, line mode.

Above, approximately through, 3000mm / min – low signal burn.

Lower right, back to 6000mm / min, 10 passes, full mode – as you can see perfect – maybe 15 passes at some point to cross straight.

The reason – slow to use line or filling and you burn badly, line shape, good and clean if you just want to cut a hole, fill it if you want a deep drawing. It is easier with a third model of wood or perspex. Check out my experiments with the already connected Ortur LM2 Pro.

There are all sorts of updates but under the Lightburn program (simple things like the ones above do not take long to learn but are no longer in the app) – the important thing here is that Ortur manages to run smoothly on most occasions. and even though it doesn’t have 4 support legs, it does a good job of staying on the bench. I had artists who didn’t want to stay.

OFFICE symbol

I think a ventilator could be my next thing. And if I had a choice of only one laser it would be LU-4-LF – but then, I was not smart.

The only limits to this beauty are maximum dimensions 180mm and 180mm and depending on what you want which would not be a problem. I like it.

Was it worth it? YES – a small tool …

6000mm / min, 100%, 1 pass – filling mode – no problem.

OFFICE sign posted by Willow Cottage

I have made “Legal Room” and “Office” signs. Keep in mind that if this were to be used externally, a quick coat of clear lacquer would be helpful. AND NOW, I just went to Amazon and finished with my used models, I ordered a pack (for £ 4) or round plywood corners above and round wooden tags – for keyringing – I will have EVERYTHING with this author.

In the above scenario, a little observation would be fine – but learning is part of the process (which is what I tell myself) – good enough. What I want now is good firewood.

And I used only one perspex model that came with Laser 1 .. OK so I blew it up … a little walk … the hole was in there already – I just drew – 3000mm / min. I would like more examples…

Well, so, even though I have never been in any kind of activity, Zbanx asked me to create links using their Zbanx page – all the best with the links below – apparently leading to user discounts, not me. The links take you to Ortur and remember to check the discount code at the top of the Ortur page which says (and I mention) “10% off total discount on Nov. 25-Nov. 30 – Coupon Code: ORTURBF (with 10% discount on all discounts on ortur .net) ”

Big sales (I have Laser Master 2 Pro and Laser 1), not a clear worldwide page – I don’t know what he means by VAT FREE .. translation would be better. If the links below were not clear, they were not for me.

Sale price of – Aufero Laser 1 Engraver with LU2-2 laser head 2 pm-3pm November 25-30 UTC (5 units per day) (initial price $ 239.00 Flash price $ 199.99) – sorry at US prices – that’s what he gave me. UK time is UTC-8hrs.

Laser with LU2-4 head Initial Price: $ 339.99 Flash Price: $ 299.99

Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro Initial Price: $ 479.99 Flash Price: $ 399.99

AliExpress link – (pls use zbanx link with 9% commissions) – Sales Type: Aufero LU2-2 – Initial Price: $ 195.68 – Price after code: $ 193.68 – Coupon Code: AUFEROAL1 (Offer US $ 2.00 for orders over US $ 100.00)


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