France urges greener habits with new car ads, plastic bans

PARIS (AP) – No more plastic packaging around fruits and vegetables and car brands that promote walking and cycling instead of driving: in 2022, French customers are encouraged to adhere to environmental preferences in accordance with new regulations.

The measures promoted by the government of President Emmanuel Macron are aimed at reducing pollution and the impact of traffic on greenhouse gas emissions.

As of Jan. 1, leeks and carrots, tomatoes and potatoes, apples and pears and about 30 other items will no longer be sold in plastic. Instead, they should be wrapped in other materials that can be reused. Plastic will still be allowed for less fragile fruits such as fruits and peaches, but should be phased out over the coming years.

The government says the new law is expected to remove nearly a billion items of plastic waste annually.

Magazines and other publications will also need to be shipped without plastic, and fast food restaurants will no longer be allowed to provide free plastic toys for children.

By 2022, French car advertising will need to incorporate a message that encourages people to focus on green driving. Starting in March, they will have to mention one of three messages: “For shorter trips, hiking or cycling,” “Think about driving,” or “Every day, take public transportation.”

According to a law published at the end of December, the new law will apply to advertising on television, radio, newspapers, posters and on the Internet. Non-compliant advertisers will receive a fine of up to 50,000 euros on the run.

Similar official messages have long been part of the dietary changes modified since 2007 in France, such as “For your health, avoid eating too much fat, too sweet, too salty.”

The French transportation sector is responsible for about 31 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, half of which are generated by special vehicles.

Also in 2022, French mobile operators and internet service providers will be asked to inform their customers of the amount of air conditioning generated by their online activities and the use of mobile phones.

By 2022, French consumers will be urged to adhere to environmental standards in accordance with the new rules. #ClimateCrisis #PlasticWaste #PlasticBan

The move seeks to raise awareness about the impact the universe has on digital technology. Smoke is mainly produced by data centers, which use energy to create data clouds. A Senate report last year found that the region accounted for two per cent of the greenhouse gas emissions in 2019 in France.

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