France Covid restrictions: Health minister warned Covid rules could be used after pandemic

Macron’s comments on the ‘undiplomatic’ unconstitutional ‘says the expert

Omicron continues to spread throughout Europe. France also reported 305,322 cases yesterday, while Italy and Spain reported 184,615 cases and 156,161 cases respectively. As the UK reported more than 100,000 cases, Germany announced more than 90,000 new cases – which were recorded in one day in Germany since the outbreak. The Boris Johnson administration has been taking action in recent weeks, opting to impose new sanctions while other European countries focus more on the problem that needs to be addressed to alarming statistics.

Professor David Heymann of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said at a seminar Monday that the UK is “the closest to any country it has ever come out of”.

On the other side of the English Channel, however, Emmanuel Macron seems to want to fight a war against the French vaccine.

He told Le Parisien earlier this year that he wants to make life difficult for those who do not have it.

He said: “I really want to upset them, and we will continue to do this – until the end.”

Although it has not yet established the official guidelines for vaccination, as will be implemented in Italy and Austria next month, Macron hopes that reducing exercise opportunities will encourage people who are not vaccinated to get the problem.

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The Ministry of Health has warned that Covid’s rules could be applied after the epidemic (Photo: GETTY)

Restrictions on France Covid

New rules regarding pass sanitaire have come into effect today. (Photo: GETTY)

From today, the French have to prove they have the vaccine in order to find restaurants and bars, cultural venues and public transportation.

All those who did not receive their confirmation within seven months after the second jab, and who have not contracted the virus yet, their ‘passe sanitaire’ will be suspended.

More than 800,000 people have been affected, according to the French news site Connexion.

These rules, it seems, could continue in the current epidemic.

French Health Minister Olivier Véran said last month that anything could be spent on “anything hygienic that could affect our country”.

Restrictions on France Covid

President Macron faces many challenges in these bans, (Photo: GETTY)

He said: “It is a bill that will exist for many, many years to come.”

A study by the French government showed that their findings were not intended to be used for vaccination, but could be useful in the event of a deadly epidemic.

It states: “This technology is not intended to be used in health care settings in order to establish the responsibility for providing COVID-19 vaccine.

“Taking advantage of such opportunities can be especially important in the face of a major epidemic.

“It would also allow for a better balance between the goal of health security and human rights and freedoms rather than the imposition of restrictive measures in public.”

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Emmanuel Macron

Macron has vowed to ‘provoke’ the offender. (Photo: GETTY)

Mr Macron’s Covid approach has angered many.

Tens of thousands of French teachers marched on Thursday, taking to the streets to demand better protection for students and staff.

About 31 percent of all teachers were on strike as a result of the ongoing changes in policies that one major teachers’ union said were causing unrest.

Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanqeur unveiled the new rules on January 2, the evening of the new school term.

Emmanuel Macron

French educators oppose the ever-changing rules. (Photo: GETTY)

The rules state that if a classmate has been diagnosed with Covid defect, all other students should be tested three times in four days to stay in school.

The first had to be a PCR or antigen test, with two round trips to be taken home for two to four days.

The rules were changed again on Monday when French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced in a radio interview that students were required to take three home exams.

If the first one had a problem, they could go back to school the next day before writing their second test at home that evening.

He also announced that parents with children who are more connected to their plight may wait until the end of the day to pick up their children.

Guislene David, a spokesman for the Combined National Union of Primary School Teachers said teachers and schools were “tired”.

“We will be informed by the media and not by the prime minister,” he said.

He added that the new approach “allows the virus to enter schools and does not protect teachers.”


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