Food shortages hit parts of Atlantic Canada after three days of heavy rain

Shortages of bread, milk and other food items were reported Thursday from areas southwest of Newfoundland left by a tornado that rained rain nearly 200 mm in the area, washing roads and bridges.

And in eastern and northern Nova Scotia, workers rushed to pump water into basements and repair flooded roads that ravaged parts of Atlantic Canada for three days.

In the coastal town of Port aux Basques, southwest of Newfoundland, repairs were underway on several roads, including the Trans-Canada Highway, and a helicopter was used Wednesday to rescue some yurt residents – round, tent- as shelters are usually made from canvas and large logs.

Resident Robert Hinks confirmed the situation in the town was deteriorating.

“There is currently no bread in the town; there are no eggs to buy; fresh milk is scarce,” Hinks said in an interview with Port aux Basques on Thursday. of gas, (but) you will not go anywhere. ”

The town has three gas stations, “(but) no gas station can enter … I guess it will be over next week.”

In the nearby town of Codroy, fire chief Brian Osmand said four local roads had been washed away, leaving 14 families missing.

“We are working to make sure their needs are met,” Osmand told an interview as his team pumped water out of the Hynes Chicken Villa basement in Tompkins, NL.

Osmand said the Codroy Valley Volunteer Fire Department, which serves 16 people, had already released more than a dozen basement units on Thursday. The fire chief confirmed that surrounding areas had lost their regular supplies, milk and eggs Wednesday, which led to the shortage.

“We can carry things in a group,” he said.

Nova Scotia Prime Minister Tim Houston said Thursday it would spend at least $ 7 million on repairs, adding that the province is seeking federal funding. “There is a lot of work to be rebuilt, repaired, restored.” #ExtremeWeather #NSStorms

Osmand said Wednesday night, when the storm got worse, it rained more frequently. “It was bad,” he said, adding that there was a hurricane to use the fire truck.

“We used to call the fire department, and sometimes we could not see the foot in front of us. And not because it was foggy – it was just raining. It was dangerous. It was raining a lot. I’ve seen it, and I’m 61 years old … It was like being hit by 10 buckets. at the same time. “

Meanwhile, a boat operating between the Port aux Basques and North Sydney, NS, was forced to change course due to road closures. The Marine Atlantic announced Thursday that it would temporarily change its route to Argentina, east of Newfoundland, to ensure that people and goods reach the region. This method is usually given only in the summer months.

The hurricane, described as a low-lying area with low power, stopped in the area between Monday and Wednesday. Feeding the tropical humidity in the Caribbean, it rained heavily in many areas, including the Port aux Basques, where 165 mm collected in the past two days.

In the Codroy Valley, one weather station recorded 195 mm of rainfall. Also, the typhoon in the Wreckhouse area reached speeds of 70 miles per hour (141 km / h); however, this region is known for producing high winds.

In Nova Scotia, about 30 roads and bridges were closed when the rains stopped Wednesday. Several casualties were reported in Antigonish County, northeastern Nova Scotia, as well as in the Victoria and Inverness counties north of Cape Breton.

Nova Scotia Prime Minister Tim Houston said Thursday it would spend at least $ 7 million on repairs, adding that the province is seeking federal funding. “There is much work to be done to rebuild, rebuild, and repair,” he said.

Some coastal villages northeast of Cape Breton received more than 200 mm of rain, and several swimming trips forced the closure of sections of Cabot Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

In the Ingonish River, NS, east of the Cabot Trail, flooding and flooding were reported amidst a torrential downpour that brought 278 mm of rainfall in small groups. On Thursday, a 15-kilometer stretch between Neils Harbor and Ingonish could not be reached, leaving both areas.

Washouts separate the two villages from hospitals, long-term care facilities and local high schools.

“It’s still an unstable road,” said Gourd Robie, park manager, “Most culverts are aging well.

Robie said one of the park’s staff members, Davey Fraser, was slightly injured when his car crashed into a large black pothole on the road near Little Smokey Wednesday night.

“It was not possible until our park attendant was driving the car when it was over,” Robie said in an interview Thursday. “It looked good from the top, but at the bottom there was another story … (Fraser) is doing very well, depending on the situation.”

Speaking of road repairs, Robie said he could not provide time, but stressed that park staff are moving fast to fix things.

“It’s a world-class place and a well-known way, and it’s a part of the lives of the people of this region,” he said. “It’s a big shutout and we’re doing everything we can to open the road as fast as we can.”

This report from The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 25, 2021.

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