Fog threat to big Kempton card

Kempton Clerk at the course Barney Clifford will be back at 11.20am to see if his seven-match prize card could happen.

Competition is due to start at 12.20pm but heavy fog covers the track and while the soil remains soft, fine to soft, it does not look good.

We visited 8am and 10am due to fog. Here is a terrible fog and we are having a hard time seeing the winning post from the jury box. It needs to be upgraded – and we will have another tour at 11.20am

Clifford said: “We visited 8am and 10am because of the fog. Here is a dangerous fog and we are having a hard time seeing the winning post from the judges’ box. It needs to be upgraded – and we will have another tour at 11.20am.

“Predictions will rise in the morning but the fingers are high right now.”

Warwick was also inspected at 8am but the race was set to continue on the track, even in the middle of the night, the temperature dropped to -2C overnight.

The Frost covers, which were shipped, mean that the Agetur UK Ltd Classic Chase meeting can continue with the competition which is supposed to start at 12.40.

The floor in Warwick is described as soft, comfortable to the touch.

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