Flyfish Club: A Restaurant Just For NFT Holders Opens Today

NFT holders are welcome at the Flyfish Club. According to at the beginning of its main page, New York’s leading New York Flyfish Club is one of the best NFT restaurants in the world.

Club members are welcome to meet the highest standards of the restaurant industry.

Special NFTs Specialty Restaurant

To join a private dining club, users must purchase membership packages, which are developed under NFTs.

Those who prefer to take advantage of this opportunity can purchase NFT Flyfish Clubs in the OpenSea market, create a membership profile on and attach wallets to verify ownership.

The two available sections are Flyfish Membership – a value of 2.5 ETH and Flyfish Omakase – a high 4.25 ETH.

With regular membership, customers will be able to access social media, great restaurants, outdoor venues and special events. With exclusive membership, customers will have the opportunity to find a luxury room with 14 seats and will surely receive the full benefits of the essentials.

“Omakase” is a popular word in Japanese cuisine, referring to the high-profile cases where diners sit and watch the cook prepare the dishes right away and enjoy them as soon as the meal is over. Customers can also interact face-to-face with the chef.

Something Hot

At the time of writing, the two packages were sold, although the establishment of the restaurant will not be possible until 2023. This is a sign that the NFTs are not reducing the time.

The Flyfish Club was founded by the VCR Group, a hospitality service providers with a tradition of promoting hospitality in the past as well as modern technology.

The VCR Group has a number of well-known names in the F&B industry: Businesses Gary Vaynerchuk, David Rodolitz and Conor Hanlon.

According to the content of the official page, members are not paid annually. NFT holders can also sell their tokens or lease their assets to non-members for one month.


“With the use of NFT’s, the FFC is able to create a loyal team, members with whom we can deliver special events.

NFTs Special Process for Food & Beverage Companies

NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) are a type of digital asset that uses blockchain technology.

In a nutshell, NFTs are resources that are digitally stored and stored on a blockchain. NFTs are tokens, but unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, each token is unique.

Last year, the NFT market took a step forward. It was very helpful and did well in a variety of fields, including art, movies, music, and sports.

The following are the areas for increased revenue by the end of 2021.

No major company wants to be left in the lucrative market, including F&B, which, according to our estimates, has limited connections with NFTs.

But businesses around the world are taking NFT technology seriously and applying it to businesses such as accommodation, restaurants, and hotels.

McDonald’s became the first Chinese restaurant to offer non-fungible tokens to customers in October 2021.

At McDonald’s store in Shanghai over the weekend, fewer NFTs will be distributed to staff and eaters.

The “Big Mac Cube” NFT mimics the headquarters of McDonald’s China, an eight-story tower located in the West Bund, southwest of the Xu Hui region.

Is there a good reason to choose to install NFT?

McDonald’s China CEO Zhang Jiaying said the fast food organization is a young nation that strives for high fashion and technology. This is also an incentive for all other types of marketing.

Flyfish Club may be the first restaurant in NFT alone. However, it is not the first well-known concept of integrating cryptocurrencies into its business system.

Originally, a Florida restaurant called “Crypto Street” was open, with decorations featuring crypto-themed wall art. Restaurants accept cryptocurrency.

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