Farming Simulator 22 guide: How to make more money

As a guide for our sister a savings guide for Cultivation Simulator 22, Here are some tips to help you create more banks. Earn money Cultivation Simulator 22 it is a slow and tedious process, similar to real life.

There is always money to be taken care of, so it may seem like you are seeing more money coming out than entering. Therefore, shaping your decisions is the key to making more money in the sim.

Ways to increase your profits in Cultivation Simulator 22

  • Enhance your yields – Naturally, the main source of income comes from yield. In that case, you should pay attention to the main ways to keep your fields healthy and produce a good crop for each crop you are planting. The best way to do this is to keep the fertilizer in your fields and to avoid being disturbed by pests such as weeds and rocks. Assuming you do not have the resources, the best way to make a healthy garden is to cultivate (from time to time), to plant your crops, to fertilize, to wait for them to enter the first stage of growth, weed, and then harvest. Leaves also need regular watering. Rollers and mulcheres can be used instead of plowing to make the topsoil better. Applying them at an early stage from harvesttime can also help to ensure a good harvest. Among the seeds, you can also plant oily radish. Even when the season is open, this is a crop that can be planted and cultivated at almost any time of the year. You don’t reap it, either; plowing as soon as it starts to grow to keep your garden strong. When you walk around the field, it shows you how healthy it is, so always pay attention to the numbers. The various filters on the map also reflect your location.

  • Keep track of the stock market and the required calendar – Price fluctuations have been in Cultivation Experimental list for quite some time, but Cultivation Simulator 22The integration of climate machines has added depth to the process. It is wise to check the seed prices before planting. Crops such as soybeans and canola have always been more valuable than wheat and less. That said, cheap crops should not be neglected. Not only do they take part in the new machinery (we will get there) but selling more of the same seeds reduces its selling price. Therefore, adjust your fields to ensure that demand is not too low. Due to climate change, there are months when the crop is most needed, so check the crop calendar for details. Also, be sure to check out the marketplace that offers the best yield on your crop. There are fixed times when demand is very high, and you will receive these notifications when they occur; try to save more money from your harvest so you can get the benefits faster.
  • Don’t forget the contract work – Some of the fields on the map provided are for real farmers. They almost always have an extra portion of the work that can be found to give you extra money. If the project is profitable enough, you can set up AI Staff to keep meditation in your fields while you perform one of these tasks. The cost of labor is determined by the size of the field, and the large fields give you a great advantage by spending a lot of time to complete. Although you can use your own tools to use the contract, if you do not have the necessary (or your equipment is necessary) you can rent the necessary equipment to slightly reduce the reward.

Cultivation Simulator 22 Pc Money Guide Contracts 2

  • Consider also some ways to earn moneyThanks for the weather in Cultivation Simulator 22, investing in other sources of income is more important than ever. All of this has a high price tag for them, but it pays off over time. Here is the summary:
  • Raising Animal – Animals in Cultivation Simulator not only are they beautiful and attractive animals, they can offer a wide variety of products. For example, sheep have wool that can be sold or converted into a woolen cloth. Cattle produce milk, but they can be sold. They also provide compost which is a free way to use store fertilizer. Of course, animals come with a lot of advantages, but they do need a budget to start with. Not only financially, but also in terms of accommodation. You also have to spend time and money on their food, water and bedding, of course. That said, it is a long-term investment that can be very profitable, especially during the off-season, for your yields.

FS 22 modified cattle for cattle

  • Forests – This function is probably the one with the most flexible form Cultivation Simulator, which is a good thing. It is not a good way to break mold and do things that keep you out of the field work, its mechanics are easy to learn. Of course, buying all the necessary machinery for logging, pruning, and hauling the logs is a big investment. But, again, it pays for extra time. Most maps have forest areas (some more than others), so it should be a long time before you plant new trees to replace what you have cut down. Of course, keep in mind that the logs you make can also be made with synthetic chains.

Cultivation Simulator 19 Rottne Pack F20d

  • Greenhouses and beehives – Something new in Cultivation Simulator 22 then the introduction of greenhouses. They are built with the sole purpose of producing small seeds throughout the year by creating a false climate inside the glass. In the sim, you can use them to grow strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, which you can’t grow in your big fields. They are very hands and they want you to give them water only. After the plants have grown, they are simply placed in pallets near greenhouses. The hives work the same way; you just put them on your farm, and wait for them to release the honey. The honey is simply piled up and packed in pallets to carry. You need a lot of both things to make a real profit, but some money is better than no money. However, a great way to increase their potential is to make them your part…

FS22 pc Greenhouse Pallet Stacking

  • Manufacturing Chains – Although there are many uses for trees, honey, fruits / vegetables, the chains of production vary in use. everything you make Cultivation Simulator 22. Any group of products you make can be taken from the factory as a blend into a refined material. For example, the dairy factory needs your cow’s milk, so you can make things like butter and cheese. Wheat and corn can go to the mill to make corn. The list goes on. Before you can start making things, you need to buy (or build) a place. On top of that, you are the only one that provides the ingredients, so you have to have them all the time to take them to your factory to keep them running. As a result, manufacturing facilities are costly each forward, but it is the most realistic type of long-term pay. When you make a chain of your own, then you can put it in front of you, and make a big profit at the end of it all. A kind spirit on Reddit wrote this assistant iconography guide which shows a simple chart of what is each good and where it fits in the product list.

FS 22 Pc Production Chain 1

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