“Farewell, My Lovely” – Dick Richards (1975)

In 1975 Goodbye, My Beloved stands today if we can find it in reading black film, although it was made several years after the era (1940s and 1950s) in which most of the films we made allies of the race were formed. Hence, this type of Goodbye, My Beloved sometimes called the “neo-noir” film. But unlike others, modern neo-noir films, such as The Long Goodbye (1973) [1], which tends to reflect changing ideas and styles, in 1975 Goodbye, My Beloved highly customizable traditional film noir style and themes. These topics, as I mentioned elsewhere [2,3], circling continuously death (many characters feel like they are in a dark world facing them), an incomprehensible truth (everyone argues and lies), and loyalty (because most of the characters are self-made, they always look for someone they can trust).

Part of the Goodbye, My Beloved, in particular, which contributes to the closure in the noir film industry is that it came from the book by Raymond Chandler’s researchers, many of whose works (e.g. Great Sleep (1939), Goodbye, My Beloved (1940), The Lady in the Lake (1943) and The Long Goodbye (1953)) became the basis for the descriptions of the noir film films. Original Chandler Goodbye, My Beloved (1940) was very popular, and was modified three times on large motion pictures – Falcon Begins (1942), Killing, My Sweet, (1944), is a modern-day film, Goodbye, My Beloved (1975). The manager of all of Chandler’s culinary stories is the same – the secret, hard-working, smoky chain Philip Marlowe, and there is something mysterious around a critical, but enlightened person. This attracted major Hollywood celebrities to play the man, for example Humphrey Bogart Great Sleep (1946). What in Goodbye, My Beloved was Robert Mitchum, who, although 57 years old, did a great deal with Marlowe.

One of Chandler’s Marlowe’s stories, though, despite their popularity, makes it difficult for them to adopt the film with their bitter and controversial plots; and Goodbye, My Beloved it was the same. So the filmmakers who adapt the stories often change the course to two hours. As a result, I am told, more film critics and fans of Chandler have criticized the changes and have had them in their comments. He also complains that 57-year-old Mitchum was too old to play Marlowe. I have not read Chandler’s original articles, I am not a fan of such a change, and I agree with the critic Roger Ebert that the script is changing. Goodbye, My Beloved it was small and acceptable [4]. And in any case, in any case, the story of the film is still confusing, and any simplicity that was created was necessary.

In any case, that helps to make Goodbye, My Beloved an impressive performance with the sound effects found throughout the film. Although the film director Dick Richards apparently did not have much experience with the film noir stylistics, he and his film crew teamed up to form a high-profile band that was well received for many years. [5,6,7,8,9]. Especially John A. Alonzo’s films, which have very low quality photos, as well as a film directed by Joel Cox and Walter Thompson are in perfect harmony. Although everything is shown in colors, the visual effects are very much in line with the film-noir aesthetics of the 1940s. And David Shire’s great 1940s song is also an inspiration to the 1940s.

The story of Goodbye, My Beloved was founded in 1941 in Los Angeles and is referred to primarily as a remote relocation. Thanks to the flashback feature, the viewer is assisted all the way up to the clear and derogatory commentary from the book by an adult, secret police detective Philip Marlowe. But it is bad news. In the aftermath of the incident, seven senior civilians were killed, as well as several gunmen killed in a shootout.

Earlier, detective Marlowe (played by Robert Mitchum) was hired by former banker and bank robber Moose Malloy (Jack O’Halloran) to find his ex-girlfriend Velma, whom he had not seen in the past seven years. he has been in prison. Marlowe and Malloy go to a nightclub where Velma worked, and Malloy the gang kills the nightclub owner while interrogating him, after which Malloy hides. Marlowe is currently in private contact with two of Velma’s former friends, Tommy Ray (Walter McGinn) and Jessie Florian (played by Sylvia Miles). Both promise to help, but both will be false, and in the end both will be killed.

Then, unexpectedly, a mysterious man named Marriott (John O’Leary) approached Marlowe to help her pay a ransom to return the precious jade jewelry. At the pay point, Marlowe was removed and Marriott was found murdered. At the moment it seems there is nothing to connect the project with the Malloy-Velma concern.

Marlowe has decided to find out the cause of Marriott’s assassination, and his investigation leads him to a wealthy judge, Baxter Grayle (Jim Thompson), who is famous for his large jade jewelry. After Marlowe visited the elderly Judge Grayle, he was introduced to his younger and more beautiful wife Helen (Charlotte Rampling), who told Marlowe that he knew Marriott and that he wanted her to investigate his murder (which he was already doing).

After all, just to make things worse, a seemingly different scene shows Marlowe taking drugs and being robbed at a brothel run by a well-known woman, Kate Murtagh (Frances Amthor). There Marlowe finds two objects – (1) the body of Tommy Ray and (2) that Amthor appears to be well acquainted with Moose Malloy. Marlowe’s unrelated chaos then begins which leads to Amthor’s death and causes Marlowe to flee the scene.

Helen Grayle then telephoned Marlowe and said that she would like to meet him at the upcoming party. At the party Marlowe sees Helen and is also introduced to the terrorists Laird Brunette (Anthony Zerbe), who wrote Marlowe to arrange a meeting with Malloy. That is why Malloy and Marriott’s threads are now connected.

Marlowe later talks to Jessie Florian again, and tells her that he has connected with Velma and that Velma wants to meet secretly with Malloy. Marlowe has reconnected with Malloy, and via secret phone calls through Jessie Florian, Malloy and Velma are set to meet at an undisclosed motel. But when Marlowe and Malloy went to the secret meeting place, they were chased by two terrorists. Marlowe manages to shoot and kill two terrorists, and he and Malloy escape. So apparently the meeting was ready to kill. But who is behind it? Are Jessie and Velma part of this, or are they just puppets?

When Jessie Florian is found murdered, Marlowe asserts that Jessie must have been used by another criminal to commit atrocities, and she thinks the gangster Brunette should be involved. So Marlowe and Malloy planned to sneak into Brunette’s gambling boat and see what they could find. After meeting Brunette, Helen Grayle looks amazing, and Moose Malloy looks at her for the first time. He identifies the woman as his long-lost Velma, whom he has not seen in seven years. This is a great, terrifying revelation of the film – Helen and Velma are the same person! She apparently married Baxter Grayle without the judge’s knowledge of her prostitution at the Amthor brothel.

As a result, it seems that Velma is planning, through Brunette’s bandits, to kill anyone who can reveal her past. But Moose Malloy is still insane in love with Velma and is still willing to do whatever he tells her to do. He tells her not to listen to what Marlowe is accusing him of and instead kill him. A double-gun strike begins, and is triggered by Velma shooting and killing Moose, followed by Marlowe, in self-defense, shooting and killing Velma. Then the police, who were following Marlowe and Malloy, got on the boat and drove off, and Brunette was probably arrested.

So in this tragic story, is there anyone who feels sorry for them other than Marlowe? Most of those with serious problems are good-looking, but they are also deceitful and selfish and lack compassion. This reduces their interest in viewers. The protagonist is Moose Malloy, a staunch supporter of Velma. But Moose are so cruel that they can kill innocent people. No, it is not the presence of sympathetic individuals who adorn the curtain, but rather Marlowe sees herself in it. Feeling comfortable in a hopeless and humiliated world of lost people is something Marlowe looks like. sharing with a legal partner, Lt. Nulty (John Ireland), and in this case, Nulty and Marlowe seem to be sharing a lot of respect for each other.

In this article it is good to mention the views of black people (blacks) and the areas in the film. This is not a major theme in the story, but many white people seem to oppose black people as part of a minority, perhaps more popular in 1941 in America than today. That is why it tells us that at the end of the film, Marlowe, who was so upset that despite her best efforts to stop the riots, decided to try to do her last good on stage. She takes the $ 2,000 that the former Brunette had given her to help her follow Moose Malloy and go to the home of the deceased Tommy Ray, a white woman married to a black woman, and hand over the money to their young mulatto son. Perhaps that will help the young man, who will be dealing with racists, to find a better way in the future.

The reason for returning to the thrilling story of the film, is Marlowe, himself. The film is directed by the shiny Robert Mitchum, the world-famous. Despite his age, Mitchum is well versed in the profession. It shows a man who is not just a rational person but is trying to give (at his own expense) a small system in a troubled world. His amazing personality is what makes him Goodbye, My Beloved compulsory clock.

★★★ ½


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