Expanding Visions And Expectations – How Heart Machine Hopes To Wow Players With Solar Ash.

Solar Ash represents the massive jump of the Heart Machine. After releasing the 2D Zelda-inspired Hyper Light Drifter in 2016 for approval, fans of the game shouted to see what followed and many were surprised to see something different. Solar Ash is bigger and stronger than the Hyper Light Drifter in any way, from its transition to a fully 3D world to its new emphasis on the fast-moving crawl that focuses on the prison. But what is Solar Ash? Heart Machine’s creative director, Alx Preston, took us on a game tour to discuss the basics, games, and how to deal with the fear of a second fall.

In Preston’s words the “stupid noise of the elevator” of Solar Ash and Super Mario Galaxy meets Shadow of the Colossus. Since Solar Ash takes place in a beautiful foreign land, with tons of towers, as well as players competing with the titanic masters, the description is worth it. Unlike the 2D pixels that built the Hyper Light Drifter, the 3D Solar Ash space gives Preston the opportunity to create landscapes that saved him deeply from the advent of 3D images.

“I certainly at one time had more than 2D ambitions that I wanted to get into 3D because that’s when I thought the game changed my mind about what I could do,” says Preston. “My first favorite 3D games, such as [Super] Mario 64 and all those things, have just opened my eyes to a new world. “

The Heart Machine still retains most of the Solar Ash plot near the chest, but we do know that players control a voidrunner called Rei. What is a voidrunner, you ask? Think of them as celestial spelunkers who search for black holes in their search for objects. Preston describes Rei as a “very good” runner with a good head on his shoulders. He must do his job well, because one of the most dangerous pits called Ultravoid threatens to swallow his homeland. To avoid this, he must jump into Void to find a way to save his country.

Inside Ultravoid lies the divisive world of surreal supernatural beauty. Woody mushrooms, grass anemone-like grass, and bright orange streams – all surrounded by lush green clouds – are just a few of the natural things that players can enjoy. Solar Ash is an interesting color palette that looks great with paint.

Ultravoid is divided into various biomes, parts of the earth that have been consumed in excess. Everything is designed to ensure the best selling point in the game: the fastest platform. With the development of the Hyper Light Drifter, Preston initially wanted the game to have high performance. However, those thoughts fell to the sidelines due to Drifter’s proliferation and a strong focus on his powerful forces.

Rei is an avid character, exploring Ultravoid politically using a form of skating that Preston claims to be inspired by sports such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Jet Grind Radio, and Super Mario 64. finish the game quickly. “Seeing the running go on and the way they do it is like, there’s a movement for it. That really motivates me,” says Preston.

In addition to skating and jumping, Rei can also grind rails and use lasso to help grip the wrestling position to pull himself up on the slopes. Solar Ash is just moving and moving, and Preston hopes that a steady tune of this movement to overcome obstacles will be as satisfying as it seems. It looks so cool it hurts to miss the jump but thankfully there is nothing wrong with the lack of fall damage.

Along the way a number of monsters will appear to hinder Rei’s progress. They do not offer high-level criticism; you can lower them in just a little bit. Do not expect to learn new combo ropes or anything like that. Heart Machine requires players to move around to make the battle easier to break and slash while using handbills and rushing to chase enemies before returning to search. Since you still probably have to be in the middle of platforming when engaged in battle, the depth comes from how players incorporate nature into their error.

“We throw a lot of you into the platform’s complexity to elevate this,” explains Preston. “It is, therefore, a mixture of the environment in which they live and the group of people or groups of violence. It’s the kind of game and the intersection that we’re trying to balance. “

To achieve this, expect to meet many flying enemies or enemies on platforms that shoot at different angles, including new arrivals. But at the end of the day, the enemies are either too fast or too slow. They will challenge you, but if you are both quick and smart enough, you can drop them without losing the future.

You do not have time to rush through the process too fast. Your main business plan in each area is to find and kill its Remains. These giant creatures come in all shapes and sizes, but they are very secretive and need to be photographed. To summon the Remnant, first Rei had to unleash Dregs, strange scars attached to the walls and other places scattered around nature. It will take the finesse of the platform to arrive and destroy them all, but doing so irritates the Remnant to get to its ultimate beauty. The survivors we saw take the form of a flying snake protected by a thick, back-shaped weapon.

Yes, finding a beast to show its face is an easy step. The real problem comes with the removal. Defeating These Remnants requires Rei to jump on his back and work up to his head. The Remnant flies in the air, urging the player not to climb as he twists his body in an attempt to knock down Rei. Rei jumped slowly and moved forward, pulling the shiny tips out of the way as far as she wanted. Sitting on top of the skull, he stabs the last of his head like a sledgehammer, which washes away the black and white cloth to make it appear. Although I have seen how Rei removes these Remnants, Preston says some Remains have different systems and systems. As for the number of remaining players they will face, Preston only says that there will be a “good reputation” for them.

When a remnant falls, the point on a high-resolution device called Star Seed burns. In each scene we see, this amazing distraction is seen from everywhere, and the central goal of the game is to launch all of its nodes. A visit to the constellation reveals that the recently murdered Remnant Rei corpse is now lying on the ground. One might think that this place will be the last resting place but Preston openly states that he “sleeps as long as he can.”

Areas within Ultravoid may seem like a number of platform problems but there are many mysteries and issues that you can reveal when you decide to go for a walk. Some of the pockets, which Preston refer to as a descriptive center, allow players to take their time to look at ancient architecture and antiquities to discover more about what feeds the entire world. Solar Ash tells its story more directly in comparison to the Hyper Light Drifter. Contains specific text, for example. Talk to NPCs and share their stories of how they ended up inside Ultravoid.

“Our staff puts a lot of time and effort into observing and commenting on the various perspectives on current events and the tragic or tragic events that have taken place in these various biomes that have been embedded in Ultravoid,” says Preston.

As for the other characters, Rei has also received support from allies. One of them is Cyd, a clear AI that provides control over each section and backstory on voidrunners. She also wears Rei and raises a little. There is also the giant, ethereal humanoid that appears in caravans. Rei visits this often, and his role is one of the most intriguing secrets in the game. However, Preston is not yet ready to look at the side of the story right now, so the creature is left in our minds.

Solar Ash has been growing for four years now, and Heart Machine has grown from having fewer than 10 employees at the time of making the Hyper Light Drifter to more than 20. has brought its challenges, Preston says the key to overcoming them is to have the right people in the team. “I think that’s the key to me, making sure I continue to bring talented, well-mannered people who want to make some noise together who were their partners … it’s so much fun and easy to carry common goods to fight.”

Obviously, at every studio that has a successful tour, there is always the fear of a second fall. As a designer, Preston is said to suffer from the same failures of failure as any other manufacturer. He’s a very outspoken opponent, and although he is very proud of Solar Ash, the fear of frustrated players who love the Hyper Light Drifter sometimes results in a nasty head.

Preston points out: “If it is said, it will not make you happy. “And you have to push yourself and look at the things in front of you. Not what it would be or anything like that. Otherwise, you’ll go around, just shut up. And that’s all. It’s a trap.”

Despite these concerns, Preston could not boast of what Heart Machine has done with Solar Ash and strongly believes that it has created a unique and unique experience.

“Regardless of the amount, people are disappointed because it’s not the next Hyper Light, or anything, there are so many great things in here that you can be a fool to miss.”

The story first appeared Figure 337 and Game Informer.

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