EXCLUSIVE: Skull found at alternative community near Orgiva, in Granada, is now being investigated in Sevilla

DURING a walk with his dog before taking the children to school, a foreigner was stunned.

A Romanian woman, who asked not to be named, found a human skull (craneo) near a parking lot, near Orgiva.

He was bitten by his Dragon Dog, and after 8 o’clock, he knew immediately that he was a human…

“It’s not like this ever happened and I knew right away that I had to call the police,” he told Olive Press.

Beneficio car park near where the skull was found (Photo: Olive Press)

Within minutes, the father of his daughter contacted the Guardia Civil, who arrived promptly, near the village of Canar, in Alpujarras.

The mother of the two children, who has lived in Spain for 11 years, obtained the skull and placed it in a plastic bag for police to take away.

“I removed Dragon from eating or playing with him. It smelled so good,” he added.

“I realized then that it could not be a civil war.”

Benefits 3
The title was found by the Dragon Dog under a pine tree behind a parking lot (photo: The Olive Press)

Orgiva police arrived and, after taking the bag for safekeeping, took him to visit the macabre site, which is located just outside the Beneficio area.

They looked around and, according to expat, found no bones or remains.

There was no sign of clothing or other personal items.

The dragon, the cross of German Shepherd, failed to find anything else.

A police investigation was launched from Guardia Civil Headquarters in Orgiva (photo: Olive Press)

This week, a Guardia Civil spokesman in Granada confirmed the findings to the Olive Press.

A spokesman for Juan Carlos said he was still investigating the findings, but could not comment on the specifics at this time.

“We first consulted with the courts so that a law expert could look after the bodies,” he said.

“The Judicial Police have taken the investigation and have now been taken to a laboratory in Sevilla for training.”

There is speculation that the title belongs to a 40-year-old man who went missing a few years ago.

Olive Press continues to investigate whether it is a Dutch woman who has been living in the area for the past two years.

More to follow.


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